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What cars are you considering getting after your Legacy?

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Thinking of the following:

- Audi TT (2nd generation)

- Porsche Cayman or Boxster

- 08+ Legacy Spec B (or top of the line GT)

- '09 VW Scirroco (AWD + DSG + 250-300 hp)


I want something that is very sporty - prefer coupes, but also has a decent level of luxury. The Legacy is the only sports sedan I'll consider at this point. I am also not a fan or the WRX or STI.

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Debadged dewinged WRX.


Acura RL.


Honda Fit.


Scion xB.


And I probably won't ever buy one but now that the Chevy SSR has the LS2 engine....



Who Dares Wins


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personal hovercraft should be standard fare by the time i pay off this bad boy :icon_bigg .


+1 I've made a long-term financial commitment to my LGT, and I am trying to not even think about what's next!

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.


In other words: SEARCH before you post!

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Probably another Legacy GT.


same here. ill still be on the budget performance luxury sedan boat. plus i cant think of another car i would want knowing everyone else has it.






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