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Subaru announces 2007 spec.B


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Not true...




It does shift points, throttle control, AND actual engine management. If Cobb can crack it... this will be AWESOME for map switches.

Agreed. I way oversimplified it, but for the most part, it just changes the throttle response. Intelligent drive makes it drive "soft" ... which you can do with softer input with your right foot. I would be amazed if this will actually REALLY change fuel economy. It should just make it EASIER to get slightly better economy because it will take away the ease of getting into boost.


If, however, it makes for switchable maps on the fly ... that would be awesome.


Cobb AP -> SI-Drive ... One setting for the mythical economy map (I still don't know of anyone who has actually run this for a full tank! :lol: ), one setting for your standard map, and maybe a setting for Valet? (not the best since it's switchable on the fly, but put your valet mode at "sport sharp" and I'm sure the little bugger wouldn't think to try "intelligent" ;) )


Just some thoughts.


Overall, unless Cobb can crack it for multiple maps, I still rate SI-Drive "meh"

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I don't think that little knob will make it faster than a stage 1 cobb Accessport IMHO. All it does it what the Auto legacys already do. Drive mode, Sport mode, then manual-matic mode.


Impressive with the Spec B none the less!

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2007 Spec B.... Good and not enough at the same time.


6MT with VDC. VERY GOOD. Thanks, SOA. Hopefully the modifications will lower engine speeds in 6th gear.


Blue interior. Meh, without blue paint.


Diamond Gray Metallic. Meh. It still isn't a color, and is dark enough to likely show scratches, but not as dramatic as black. WHY NO COLOR CHOICE??? It is a trim level now, for pete's sake!!! A little color variety wouldn't kill anybody.


BTW, the chrome headlights look dorky as hell on the dark paint. Blacked out 05-style headlights should come with the Spec B, if not the GT as well,


If that is in fact the only color combo choice, that and the mandatory price hike will most likely kill it for me. LGT, here I come. And I wanted the 6MT and bilsteins, too, darn it...


(I can't figure out if the following features are Spec B Specific, or LGT/OBXT/Spec B options for all turbo cars... The language is somewhat ambiguous, as it seems to go both ways.)


SIDrive (all legacy derived turbos): unsure. Could be cool, could be a gimmick. If it delivers it's 10% increase in MPG, it could be a handy thing. Another toy to show people, mostly.


Torsen Rear LSD. I would like this, I hope it is turbo-model wide. I love the Torsen in the Miata, mostly because it is transparent, and just GRIPS in any condition. At least the GT should have a viscous LSD, if not the torsen. Better than open, but I hope the LGT gets the torsen, as well.


Memory seats. THIS HAD DAMNED WELL BETTER BE STANDARD on LGT. if it isn't I am going to be PISSED OFF. I want that feature for when my wife changes the seat position, so I don't have to spend 5 minutes farting around trying to find my sweet spot again... and I don't want to have to buy the spec B just to get this feature, a 6MT and bilsteins, when I don't like the colors, and don't need the nav, nor the inflated price. This should be standard, no reason for it not to be. it is would just be annoying as a splinter if it is not on the GT...


Heated seats... switches moved back on the center console... ok... I thought the LGT Spec B was getting cooled seats, as well, what happened to that?


Ipod jack in the console (all legacy/outback/tribeca). Big thumbs up here. We heard it was coming, and I am so glad they didn't mount it on the radio faceplate, for wires to dangle all over the place. Thumbs up here.


Folding rear sedan seats. Again, knew about it coming, and one of those things I waited for. Big thumbs up here. These two things are what I was waiting for. Luckily they are both available on the regular LGT.


new Gauges. I have a feeling these will be on the GT as well, since they have the displays for the SIDrive, and MPG... I too wonder if they are electroluminescent like previous. That would be nice. I like the chrome rings, but the red lit rings were very cool... not a deal breaker, and have yet to make up my mind if I like them or not.


New center console stereo... Not sure if I like the round knobs being lighter silver (might look out of place if I want to re-paint the side trims...) Otherwise I am not sure I would care about the slight re-arrangement. Hope the ACC got a re-program and is more intuitive, in the process, it would be nice if it were a separate component, but I am not holding my breath. They gave the aux in, and the satellite compatability...


No word on rear lip spoiler, no word on HIDs, no official confirmation on price. (I hope it is a grand or two lower... 06 Spec B didn't sell all that well at MSRP...)

No big mention of the audio controls, or the difference involved in the SRS WOW audio system. Hopefully that is Legacy-wide, as well, or at least available on the GT.


I am still waiting to hear more about the LGT specification, how much it does in fact share with the spec b, and what it doesn't share, and a new color or two. The press release doesn't preclude a Spec B wagon bodystyle, since it is a trim-model now... But I am not so sure SOA can be that logical to offer a spec B wagon.


Maybe the floodgates of 07 inside info will open, and we'll get some more info about the rest of the legacy lineup.


It is different than the 06 Spec B, but in terms of it's relationship to what the 07 LGT sounds like it will be, it still seems too limited to be so expensive, namely in the Color and NAV departments. More power would always be welcome, but if people like myself don't like the color, it might not make much difference, it still may not sell.


Why, WHY!!! does Subaru think that people will pay hard earned money for a top-trim Legacy when it is only ONE COLOR!!! Besides that, this years color combo was more coordinated and better looking!


I just don't get it. turning away customers on paint color is turning away money. I might fight for the budget, and pay that little extra for NAV I don't need, for the 6MT and Bilsteins that I want, if it were a COLOR that I liked.


I know I am a raving lunatic on this... but who buys things for that kind of premium, just to have to "settle" for it, and be slightly dissappointed every time I would walk up to get in the car. I'd have to be excited and enthusiastic about owning a dark gray and blue car to want to buy the 07 spec B. Who is enthusiastic about a dark gray and blue car?


Something as simple as red with a black/red stitched interior (similar to Blitzen), or Blue with a black/blue interior (like, say, WR LIMITED!!!) and my tune on the 07 Spec B would likely change, and I would push the budget to try and buy it. As is, I am looking at a trim package that I only want half of, and not willing to pay the full premium and appearance dissappointment for.

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Me! I'm enthusiastic about a gray car with blue interior.


Haha, but anyways, since it is a full-production model, I too, even though I will get the gray if I get the car, wish it has a choice of colors, like the Evo MR's trim. Diamond Gray can be exclusive for the spec.B (with regards to just the Legacy model line), just like Graphite Gray is only for the MR.


Anyways, there was NO mention of the Diamond Gray Metallic color in any of the press releases, so I have a feeling there will be more color choices... As for new color choices other than the gray, I can't say anything.

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I hope you are right, there Axis.... Oh, how I hope you are right.


If there is a color choice, that might just well be enough to turn the tide. The only other obstacle then would be whether or not I can afford it. I know I can afford the LGT. I am iffy on affording the Spec B.


Maybe dealers will not hold out for MSRP, since it won't be "limited production" like the 06... and start dealing down to invoice or slightly below...


I don't mean to prod (much...) but can't say anything about colors due to not knowing, or not being allowed to? :D


Sorry i couldn't resist a little ribbing, there. I don't want you to get into trouble if that is at stake.

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Torsen Rear LSD. I would like this, I hope it is turbo-model wide. I love the Torsen in the Miata, mostly because it is transparent, and just GRIPS in any condition. At least the GT should have a viscous LSD, if not the torsen. Better than open, but I hope the LGT gets the torsen, as well.



"05-'6 LGT has always had a viscous rear LSD. They probably changed suppliers to Torsen so they advertise it now.


Describes it here under "Features & Options" then "Performance"



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I think the 07 spec B was a good step in the right direction. I actually really like the interior and the exterior. Some people are putting this car too much under a microscope. You have to realize that this is the US market. we ALWAYS get watered down cars, whether it is from Europe or Japan. It has always been the case. I really adore the new spec B and think it alot better than the limted edition ones (thinking about trading in). I too agree that WR blue would be nice, but there has been no confirmation yet on the colors available for '07.
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Wish it had a grey wood trim instead of silver...but thank god they got rid of that ugly pos wood trim they have in my car. I like a lot of the new additions but I don't think I will ever be a fan of alcantra.
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Didn't impress you, WTH.


For the SpecB they:

- Added a 6MT with VDC

- A different interior and exterior


that's pretty good considering a ton of people whined about not having a 6MT and about the yucky interior.


Then for all Legacy GTs and Outback XTs, they:

- SI-Drive. 3 engine mappings without having to get a Cobb AP or likely voiding your warranty

- Memory seats

- 60-40 Folddown seats

- Much improved audio system with MP3/WMA and AUX-in support


It's like they monitored this forum and implemented most of the comments.


Man some can never be satisfied.


Subaru, thank you for listening.


Seconded... thanks Subaru. Subaru doesn't monitor these boards ;) . Oh yeah...now we need this in a WAGON!!!

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ooooooooo no heated seats for you! The sti doesn't have heated seats either... maybe it has something to do with the alcantera (although I've seen sti seats modified with heating elements)?


STi in Canada gets heated seats but no HID. It's all about price point man....price point!! :icon_tong

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Really exciting to see these great changes / additions! Besides being skeptical over the radio controls, I love the new Spec B offering. As exciting as it is though, if it had been offered back in 05 I think I would still have opted for my non-limited 5MT without the price premium. If I have more disposable income in 2008, I might consider it...
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In addition, all Legacy sedan models for 2007 gain a new standard 60/40 split fold-down rear seat with trunk pass-through to enhance cargo-carrying versatility.


Son of a b@#$%%!!!!!!! Finally took them this long to realize people really wanted that!!?!!

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While driver seat memory is great, unless they combine it with side view mirror memory as well, it's kind of dumb.


At least they added a split fold rear seat. Now all they need is a telescoping steering wheel (preferably power to tie into the memory system), steering wheel mounted audio controls (why Spec-B only?), and mirror memory tied to the seat, and the car will finally be the equal of everything else in its price class.


I know I'll take a pretty big hit, but I'm seriously thinking of dumping my '06 GT limited for an '07 and using my Aunt's Executive VIP discount again. Oh well, my '06 has quite a few little rattles in it already anyway. Why can't they still build these things in Japan and pay a little more attention to fit and finish.

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I know I'll take a pretty big hit, but I'm seriously thinking of dumping my '06 GT limited for an '07 and using my Aunt's Executive VIP discount again.


Why can't they still build these things in Japan and pay a little more attention to fit and finish.


1. can we all use your Aunt's discount? :icon_lol:


2. I agree on the fit and finish issues. beer cans and all aside though, is it really a problem with where they are assembled or more to the point the attitudes that are accepted at each plant? i think my first car (91 integra) was assembed in Dearborn, MI and I had no probs with those issues in the first 100k miles

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1. can we all use your Aunt's discount? :icon_lol:


yes, join imba.org, aca.org, etc....wait six months....profit.


VIP = invoice. I did better negotiating on my own....$1000 better. :icon_bigg


VIP means you overpaid!! :lol:

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Well, I saw this last night at the NY Autoshow preview and it looks very nice INDEED. The color is perfect IMHO. A nice dark gray metallic - just what I was looking for last year when I was shopping for cars (ended up with RBP). And the alcantra blue inserts are pretty sweet. U couldn't get in it unfortunately as they had it raised on a spinning platform, but it looked nice from where I stood. I agree that they should have made the exterior a bit more distinguished than different paint and the 18" wheels, but what can u do.

Unfortunately, no pics for you guys p- sorry. I was kicking myself that I didn't bring a camera, but I'm sure people will be postin pics soon. Just wish this model came out as the original specB cause I would have bought it then..... oh well, perhaps a trade in?????

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So what do you guys think? Even if most of us wouldn't neccessarily trade up from an 05 or 06, I think the 07s will definitely have better "mass appeal" - I could definitely see alot more LGTs on the road very soon. I kinda liked being special, I still get the strange looks like - nice car --- but what is it?



I agree. I looked at the LGT about a year ago before I bought my 05x. I came very close to moving ahead with the LGT- Sometimes I wish I did. Now a year on, I still like the G35, however, I need a manual tranny again. I'm bored with the Auto. The Sube was a bit more tossable out of the box. Additionally, I think this is one of the best looking if not the best looking Sube of all time.


So now they add a 6-speed, Aux Port and Sat Radio, NAV, Folding rear seats and the SI thing- Oh and they kept the same great looks without the funky new nose.

Ok, so it's not an STI. It's a trim package with some options. That's really enough for me. I'll strongly consider selling my car and buying one of these when they become available.


What's missing?

The 243hp Boxer is a great motor. We know that. And you can mod it so that it makes more power without breaking the bank.


I'd like to see the Brembos on there- Additionally, where are the HIDs?

If an STI can get Brembos and HIDs, I think a special edition model like the Spec should offer those features as well.

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