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Roof rack systems for the Legacy Wagon


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Yeah I figured they wouldn't use a standard key. I have a spare that you could have had if it was the same lock.


I doubt a dealer would be able to help, but it couldn't hurt to ask. If not maybe a locksmith?


Good luck

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After looking for many months for a set of Canadian bars, I ended up buying the Yakima Whispbar S22 with K325 fit kit. According to Yakima AU's website and in speaking with US customer support, it should work. I will have them here on this Friday 5/29 and i'll update with fitment. Here's hoping....





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I'm looking here for some help. I bought a pair of rail grabs for the legacy the other day, at least that's what the picture Showed. I was actually sent the low riders which are pre rail grab. Does anyone know how to get these to work? If not I will just sell them.
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Just to update a bit more,


In my research i found that the AUDM 4th gen outback has the same roof rails and the USDM 4th gen Legacy as pictured below. The AUDM Liberty (comparable to USDM Legacy) has the flat / deleted roof rails.


AUDM Outback / USDM Legacy roof rails



AUDM Liberty rails



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All I want are flush roof rack delete strips....I have been told they are not avail:(




The part number for the flush strips are below. These are JDM / AUDM part numbers so it is unknown if US dealers can get these. I can all but guarantee the headliner would have to be dropped to do the swap also.



  • Silver 91046AG002
  • Grey 91046AG022


  • Silver 91046AG012
  • Grey 91046AG032

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For those of you that have been looking for an alternative to the now out of production canadian aero bars, Rhino-Racks has an option that will work and looks great in pictures.


http://www.rhinorack.com.au/products/roof-racks/vortex/vortex-sx-black-2-bar-roof-rack_ja1778 .


Unfortunately I think the Aussies do not realize our legacy wagons have the same rails as their Outbacks, so this kit does not show up on the american website. But if you drill down to the components of the kit they can be purchased separately here in the U.S. I just got off the phone with their U.S. office and informed them of this. In fact, the kits listed on the US site for the legacy will not fit unless you delete your rails as the AUDM legacy wagons had deleted rails as noted a few posts up.


Here are the legs you'd need




Along with 2 of these bars. Shown in Silver, but also available in black it looks like.




I haven't pulled the trigger on them yet, so I have no review, but I thought I'd put this out there for those people like me that have stumbled across this thread looking for options.

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i have a question, so i purchased a used rhino rack on ebay that said it was for a legacy wagon. after talking with the seller(doesn't seem to know for sure) said its originally for a liberty. is that rack going to fit then? if i remember the liberty roof bars are slight different from a legacy
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You can see the difference here been a Liberty GT Spec B wagon roof rail (same as JDM)




And the USDM Legacy GT wagon roof rail




Liberty rail is not as tall at the Legacy rail - and doesn't seem to have the lock (foot) "grooves" that the USDM version does.

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fixed USDM pic link
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US ones look like Outback rails. Might be different:







*edit* Sorry I didn't read your previous post properly, you said "roof bars" and I missed the "bars" bit.

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thanks for the info guys. my guess is the bars wont fit. but its already shipped, so we will see what happens when they get here! i'm kind of surprised how hard it is to find racks for this car. it seems all the main brands have discontinued any fitment for the legacy wagon.


I picked up a set of Thule bars and racks from rei last month. On sale, turned out to be gently used. But shipped immediately and cost slightly less than new. Legacy wagons (US) use the 440 specialty railing carrier with an SR2 fit kit to adapt to our existing rails. I snapped up a set before they went entirely extinct. Hope that helps.

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so i got the cross bars, and then promptly returned them. they definitely wont fit. i guess the liberty has panels that open on the side rails, allowing the cross bars to then be bolted to the roof. so that ends the debate if they would possibly work or not.

thanks for the info Kojak. with your message i was able to search and find the 440 kit and the adapters for pretty cheap, they are on the way. to throw a twist in things though, i also found a set of the Canadian bars for sale in Canada(shortly after buying the 440 kit). i am now struggling to decide whether to return the 440 kit and get those instead lol

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I thought I saw a post here somewhere, but damn if I can't find it again. Regards to switching the OEM Mont Blanc bars from US LGT integrated side rails to fit Outback raised rails. I've got the OEM bars, but want to mount them to a Forester which has raised side rails. Seems that the adjustable arm of the Mont Blanc OEM rack won't reach under the raise rail.


I have seen very similar feet that are supposed to fit raised rail applications, but not sure if it is just a switch of the adjustable gripper arm that reaches down and clamps to the side rail. If so, I'd just replace that and keep my current racks.

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Updated list - Or make a new thread rather than using search function?


OEM Subaru - Discontinued, not generally available.



Mont Blanc (OEM), Now sold by Perrycraft. - $324







Ridgeline flush bar system with #24 Clip (Available in Silver, Black with many different bars) - $700



EZ Rider w/ Small roundbar crossbars https://infolookup.yakima.com/

EZ Rider Locking w/ Small Roundbar Crossbars

Railgrab w/ small roundbar


Whispbar System - Discontinued? - Good luck finding kit K325!

Whispbar Flushbar S22 kit K325

Whispbar Throughbar S15 kit K325

Whispbar HD T15 Kit K325

Roof Rack Bars P15 kit K325



Thule - UK Only - Will need help importing fitting kit 186002.

Standard Bars - Foot Pack 7106, Fitting Kit 186002, 108 SquareBars 7121

Wingbars - Foot Pack 7106, Fitting Kit 186002, Wing Evo Bars 108 711100 - $360

Slidebars - Foot Pack 7106, Fitting Kit 186002, Slide Bars 891

Probars - Foot Pack 7106, Fitting Kit 186002, Pro Bars 390

Thule Edge Wingbar, Thule Edge Flush Rail, 720600, Thule WingBar Edge 77, 721200, Kit 186002





Prorack (NZ Only)

Prorack S-wing through bars and S15 kit

Prorack S-wing Flush Bars and S2 Kit

Prorack P-bars + P15 kit

Prorack HD Bars + T15 Kit




Subaru Forester Rails (1999 or equivalent?) - Require modification. Easily found in junkyards.

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I found an '03 Legacy (in a junkyard, poor thing) with OEM crossbars. Its a bit of a drive for me (in my '05 with 90K original miles). I do not know what size hex bolts are used. I have a few different sets - but I really don't want to get there and not be prepared. Advice welcomed - thanks.
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I found an '03 Legacy (in a junkyard, poor thing) with OEM crossbars. Its a bit of a drive for me (in my '05 with 90K original miles). I do not know what size hex bolts are used. I have a few different sets - but I really don't want to get there and not be prepared. Advice welcomed - thanks.



What part of the world are you in?


In the US, a US domestic market 2003 legacy is the previous generation and probably won't fit your USDM 05. You need a 2005-2007 Legacy Wagon.



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