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dustinsonger's time attack outback build


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no. im gonna start plating the bottom of the car when it warms up a bit or get a few hours in a garage and start making the diffuser. after looking at everything under there im really just going to be trying to control flow out the back so i can get higher air speeds under the splitter up front. i need to get some track time in soon though damnit. when is your porsche stuff going out again?
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sorry, you have to register to work (insurance liability reasons). once you work the day (mostly standing around and resetting cones), you can do the road courses.


To be fair, they are more of an extended autocross. And no timing. You can ride with other instructors and you can get them to ride with you. If you want to find out how useful your aero mods are, you can get enough speed that having increased downforce is beneficial. I have understeered off the track rather than lift. ;-)


At worse, you come out and watch alot of people running thru a sea of cones for a free lunch and a couple of runs. At best, you come out and watch alot of people running thru a sea of cones for a free lunch, a bunch of runs, meet some people who will convince you to come to the next track event (Head of the Porsche club will be there - he was driving a Subaru STi when he hooked me on lapping).

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Not the prettiest stuff in the world but I had to get a version 1 going so I had some hands on with it before I start making more complicated stuff.






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PM JmP6889928 to get the details on how he solved the splitter to bumper skin space coverage. I think he used strips of ABS, but don't remember the exact details. His angst filled thread is here - http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/your-own-innovations-actually-help-performance-some-way-198870.html
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