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dustinsonger's time attack outback build


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Had a checkup on the dyno yesterday to make sure everything is healthy and ready for a good tune. ll i had to do was replace my tb hose because the factory one was leaking a bit with the bigger topmount.everything looked healthy on the dyno so now i just need to pick up an accessport.
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there is no point in a dyno chart right now. It was a diagnosic run, my boost was turned down and simply out of respect for the person who tuned my car blind, with no ability to data log whatsoever and for my car when, for all intensive purposes it was still stock. The af ratios were still good, i think more so a testament of the ecu's long term fuel trim abilities, but you could tell the timing was jumping around like crazy and the airflow corrections could not even begin to understand what was going on. Suffice it to say it was decent, far more to the wheels than stock crank power, but it has alot of room to grow and i wont put up a graph that, really, shouldn't have existed in the first place had it not been for my procrastination.
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Haha dont worry man, honestly i like it when people contribute to this... i wish more people would, its mostly me and boxkita ranting back and forth, and like i said, the way its being built is ripe for ideas. Just not high cost ones haha.
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Started actualy working with fibreglass last night to try and repair the splitter


had my little brother helping me with cleaning out the cuts


got the top carbon layer removed


then started taking out the broken and shatter fibreglass layer



then layed up some new fibreglass


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its fiberglass. almost definitely fiberglass. i believe its layered first with a frp then fibreglass then carbon fibre top sheet. at least thats what it looks like. but i was dremeling the eff out of that stuff and it seemed exactly like fibreglass. these things are only like 400 from apr, theres no way the would be using compliacted mixtures of carbon and kevlar in a splitter that cheap, as well as the fact that there would be zero advantage to it since its insanely strong as it is
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so, got some shit done. first off some interior changes



got me some purple paint and whatnot and took out the dremel and started modificating




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then i got super pissed the other day and decided the only way to deal with it was to grab the cutting wheel and do something that has been waiting for far too long...





and the hacking begins

half my bumper and spare tire well? don't need that



lower portion of the rear frame? nope



the aftermath











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