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What'd you do to your FIRST Gen. Subaru today?

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I paid about $45 for the bearing and about $4 for each seal. got em all at Advance Auto. My wife works at a dealership in town so i just brought the steering knuckle to them and they did it for free. I think they feel bad for me, our 01 kia rio is in there every other week getting worked on! but it only took like 20 minuets so i would imagine about $20 or $30 bucks in labor would get it done.
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You're getting a whale tail? I would cut out part of the bumper and

install some lights in there yourself.


Maybe install some lights about 2" off the sides of the center light.



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Dang! That's cheap :D That's what the guy that was doing my tires up at Firestone was saying. He's like "well, you need new wipers, but I checked all under the car and everything looks fine." I was just smiling cause while I'm taking my 20 year old car off-road some people are having trouble with their 4 year old cars and daily driving.
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Today I took a drive out of the city (rare), to search for eBay-inventory treasures before the dreaded Frozen Stuff shows up. When that happens, I pretty much stay home.


Now that I have (hopefully) the correct amount of AT fluid the car just ran beautifully. Oh wow, I was so happy to notice a difference right away. The foam and bubbles are still concerning me but I couldn't do any expensive or major repairs anyway, so I'm just going to cross my fingers on that one, for now. It was suggested to me that the bubbles might be an O-ring leaking or a tube loose? The one that sucks up the tranny fluid. Who knows :)


Oh, and I bought some high mileage oil - a treat for my car.. lol.. It was either that or a bottle of wine for myself. I think that I made the right choice.


I love my ugly car. :wub:


p.s. My car now has 270,000 miles on it.. (or maybe it's Kilometres?) Either way, it's impressive.

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I was looking to do the jdm glass headlights on my 91 legy but can find them anywhere any one got any tips?


join and look here i know theres a guy selling some but there going to cost like 300+ shipping.. ive looked into the glasses headlights and i have finally said no lol cause what if it breaks thats a 150 head light just to replace the glass and plus you can just puff the sh!t out of the stock ones lol to make look like glass :cool:

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You'll have to use UV resistant clear coat. Mine is starting to turn a bit yellow after a few months. They're still not hazy, but they're yellowish.


I'm not personally a fan of Rota's.









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