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What'd you do to your FIRST Gen. Subaru today?

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What we lack in numbers we can make up in enthusiasm, right? :)


I'll go first...


Let's see, nothing too exciting but I drove back up to the Auto Wrecker's. The fellow told me that relay fuses were $10 each. I said, "$10?! Are you kidding?". I seriously thought they were only $5 new (for some reason).


He quickly added, "Well, I'll only charge you $5 then.. " There are few more than I could've bought but I have to watch the finances rather closely this month, at least 'til my new job gets going.


I didn't know it was that easy to "barter". Just freak out!:lol:


So, I bought two relays for the hood fuse box.

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Well you have to think they're going to lose that money when they crush it into a cube. Besides, most people probably pocket that part anyway haha He was probably shocked that you didnt.


This weekend I put a new driver seat in from a 99 2.5RS. My 98's were looking nasty and they dont take long to put in. Only got around to doing one though.

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Hi Bud,


(Yippee!! The sun is out again.. Doesn't get any better than sunlight pouring through the drapes, does it? Well, maybe having a morning coffee).


How does that whole auto wrecker scene work anyway? Do they just keep cars on the lot until the most profitable parts have been purchased? Maybe they squish them when something better comes along and they need the lot space.


So, shall I infer that your answer would be, "I don't pay for them, are you crazy?!".. lol


New seats.. It's so amazing to me how "you guys" keep changing things up all the time. That'd be kind of fun to do.

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Ugh...I get enough sun in this stupid state. I'm moving to Scotland haha


Yep and yep. They crush them and scrap the metal bits.


Nah, I pay for everything. I like my junk yard and Rhonda sells me

stuff cheap a lot of the time. Like a hydraulic tensioner that would

be $90 new she'll sell me for $1.


Why not? It's 4 bolts and a seatbelt bolt per side. You use a set of seats til they wear out and then onto the next set. That way you always have seats that are comfortable and hold you well. Who knows...maybe someday I'll get some of those STi seats with the Alacantara. Mmmmmm :)




Or even better...the JDM ones. They hold you in better because the side boltsters are more narrow :D





Maybe after I sell my RS and get some money I'll be able to get some of those

and some new struts and stuff for the Legacy :D



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On the docket for the next week are:


Replace the stock door and rear deck speakers with some plain jane replacements. Kenwood brand if it matters.


Go to my girlfriends grand parents and grab the evap purge solenoid off their old wagon to put on mine (seeing as my check engine says it's an issue)


grease the locks on all the doors (they've been sticky since I got the car)


Get my muffler put on, is there any sort of after market pipe I should look for first? or is the stock pipe good?


Oh, on the subject of locks, mine has power ones but no power button on the keychain. Any way to get a new unlock/lock dongle?

"Racing is important to men who do it well. When you're racing...it's life. Anything that happens before or after, it's just waiting." -Steve McQueen in Le Mans
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magnaflow manifold (300 usd) to straight pipe to magnaflow muffler (90 usd). quite at low rpm and a nice low tone in high rpm.

i want the correct brackets for them cuz one is going in the suby and the other is going into my ole lady and i's '80 vette. i told her i would share. i still need to get a new front end on the suby though. too much cancer. TT.TT

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I may or may not have made my exhaust less than desirable for trying to pass emissions, but it seems to run better now :D I also painted my WRX 2-pot calipers black and they're getting installed next weekend. I put a set of 99 RS seats in and threw the 98's in the garbage where they belong.
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This morning I'll be replacing the bulbs in my headlights. And yes, both; even though only one side is burnt out.


I remember changing a bulb in another vehicle and learning about how you're not supposed to touch the actual glass part of the bulb. It seemed so weird to me so that the information stuck inside my brain. I think that I'll save the not-so-bad bulb in the emergency box of "stuff". Frugal is as frugal does :)


That's about all I can afford at the moment but at least it's doable.


I'm glad to see more First Gennies showing up these days. Who's bringing the potato salad?

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Does it kill the other one faster to only replace one?


Yep. If you touch the glass it will transfer the oils of your skin onto the surface and when it heats up it will explode...or something like that.


I dont blame you. I only change on bulb at a time. I just keep a spare

with me wherever I go. Rally shortens the lives of bulbs I've found out haha


By potato salad do you mean pizza? Cause Little Caesars has a deal going on ;)

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It was my understanding that it's best to replace both at the same time, if you can. Mostly, so that the quality of light is the same. If they were hugely expensive I wouldn't have been able to do that, but it's reasonable for my budget. Struts are another story.


Little Caesar's doesn't count, LW.. lol.. Have you noticed how much smaller those pizzas are lately? They totally shift in the box now - there's a lot more room because they shrunk. Why did the price go up then, I wonder?

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That's what I have fog lights for :D Although one is 55w and the other is 100w so all of my lights are inconsistent together!


Heck, they're $5 freshly made down here ;) Man people up in Canada are getting smarter and we're just getting desperate haha

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Consistently inconsistent? Wow, you really are a guy :)


Our Little Caesar pizzas are supposedly fresh, too, but some days they sure don't taste that way. We've started to make our own pizzas, and even tried making sushi. That was messy, but fun.

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