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What'd you do to your FIRST Gen. Subaru today?

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It runs...I'd hardly say fine, but it'll get me A to B.

Just seems like a wuss. I think something screwed up

when that alternator rolled. I swapped it back to stock.

I replaced the fusible link that day, but it felt weird

since then.


The other day the Check Engine Light came on

for about 5 seconds. Just long enough for me

to pull over and have it turn back off. Stupid

CEL's cant be recovered in OBD1 cars, which

sucks. Once it's gone, it's gone.

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so today i wanted to get rid of my CEL. well it turned into a hell of a day.


i couldnt sleep again last night, so around 4am i decided to take a nice peaceful drive to my hall and check in. stopped by advanced auto to pick up my knock sensor i ordered. got home, made myself some eggs and let the car cool down a bit before i start doing anything. i go outside and it took me all of like 3 mins to change it. i wasnt expecting it to go so smoothly.




i then decided to replace the purge valve to since that was giving me a CEL. i had an extra so i used that.


heres the stock location




now the task to get to this sucker is retarded. i was feeling motivated so i decided to try and put my tdo5 on and the 3" tbe i have lying around.


so i pulled the stock exhaust off




compare turbos




i tried using the turbo without a tmic cause the one i have needs a bpv. in the end, it didnt work.




so i had to put the vf11 back in and put the DP on with a new gasket i had lying around.




i relocated the purge valve to the top of the intake manifold for easier access next time.




I decided to put my STI CF strut on while i was at it.





after all that, it was still kinda early. so after getting the DP on i was just about to put the catback on and then decided to swap out the sway bar since the exhaust is out of the way.


stock swaybar




taking a break




everything swapped over pretty easy.




i then put the rest of the catback on for now till i put the STi muffler on.





well that was kinda my day, how was yours??

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did this today, not much but i had to go to PA then i went to NYC. so it was alot of driving today.


stock front endlink




white HD endlinks




then i had this rear strut bar lying around, so that went in.




painted it chome/silver




all said and done.




also changed the o2 sensor with an extra i had. but i think ima get a new one this week.




stay tuned for more mods to come.

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more stuff swapped over.


front fender braces

wrx front hubs/calipers/rotors/pads

sti aluminum control arms

4 pt brace bar

anti lift kit

ss front brake lines

front axles


everything came off the 91 and put on the 93.








then i found out i had blown axles, so i swapped axles, hubs, and wrx brakes over to the 93.




everything removed off 93





now everything installed on 93






wrx brakes. i got fancy with some paint... :p




now i just need to get an alignment. both wheels are facing in. later i may just get the whiteline HD balljoint and tierod ends in the future to finish up the front end.


hope you all enjoyed... cause this was a hell of day for me... well yesterday into today... :p

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How hard is it to line the fenders back up?


I like those lightweight control arms. Do they

make the stance a bit wider?


Does your brake pedal feel a bit softer with those

WRX calipers? Mine dont seem to fill as fast. I think

I need a larger diameter master cylinder, but I'm not

willing to spend any money on my car right now with

it running like garbage.


Too bad you live in NY or NJ. I'd love to come and

check out your car.

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fenders line up themselves. took all of 20 mins to swap them over.


yes, the control arms widen the track.


not sure about the brakes yet till i get new rotors and pads. i have a larger brake master cylinder if i have to swap it over. ill find out later today or tomorw.

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