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What'd you do to your FIRST Gen. Subaru today?

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The Legacy has been having issues charging the battery lately, so I finally took it in to get checked. The battery tested bad and the alternator was uncertain. Pulled the alt, and it tested good by itself. After cleaning up the contacts and replacing the battery, it's running good again.
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lol i might do that when i prep my car for paint.


well had to make a very needed tire buy (4 of them..) so not it calls to fix stupid camber problem happening friday and i even raised m car up i think a good 1/2 inch in the front going to have to come up another inch tho. also found my clutch kit and fighten flywheel only 533 or so with free shipping over 100 per item lol winning! lol


oh and on a side not F! wheel bearings drivers seems bad but i wiggled it with out the wheel on by grabbing the rotor but only the rotor moved.. did the same to the passenger side but not very much maybe only a shimmy lol any thoughts if it is the wheel bearing dont want a shop to do it for 380.... O_o

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yeah im thinking i might just do a full over haul on my car when i save up the money for the motor like new end links (front i have rears) tie rods bearings and polly bushings and get bigger sway bars lol and get all of it powder coated, white, lime green, or STi pink
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