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Second Gen. Aftermarket Parts and Upgrade Guide (Superceded)

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If running a 2.5L DOHC would run NGK Platinum PFR5B-11 - Gap .044 (change at 60K miles)

If running a 2.2L SOHC would run NGK Copper BKR6ES-11 - Gap .044 (change at 30K miles)


ClubPlug.net is the best place i've found to buy NGKs and after more than 30 years of Subarus, that's all I run in mine.


Not sure the efficacy of going +/= on temp for the NA (both DOHC and SOHC) engines, unless you're running some serious compression or you're planning to "boost"



NGK Platinum PFR5B-11 - Gap .044

clubplug.net = $12.06

rockauto.com = $9.77

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removing the fender would make things a billion times easier... then you can also remove your snorkus as well... be careful with the fender filter though, as water,snow, etc.. has a much better chance of getting sucked up from over the liner and hydro-locking your engine
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Might be a bit easier to pull the fender liner (back) than to take the whole fender off. I de-snorkus'd my 98 GT and had no problem getting it out of the fender without any fuss.


Agree with ZM re water/moisture in your intake if you go too far down the wheel well, or your fenderline is shot. HLing the engine is not wise.

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Hey zues help you add to the suspension portion



Control Arms

-JDM forged Aluminum control arms from impreza's will bolt right up, turbo models will not only N/a


trailing arms

-whiteline makes adjustable ones they are great

-04 STi are forged and aluminum

-there is another company that has made some that compensate for being lowered a max 1 inch ill find them a report about them later


Steering rack bushings

-whiteline makes heavy duty steering rack bushings that restore and improve handling within the steering collum

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that's not a problem, but what needs to be trimmed?



for my wrx one needs to be trimmed up near the hvac and radio bezel, enough to clear and still keep the stock holes to mount it down




it depends on what buyer you get them from, there's been a recent report from a member on here (qiman) of the ebay ones not fitting like advertised and his calls ignored..


the speedyracer knockoffs, ive never heard of any fitment or other issues with them and for only a couple dollars more shipped, itd be safest to go with them, imo

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