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Second Gen. Aftermarket Parts and Upgrade Guide (Superceded)

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This is a guide I’ve been throwing together representing the aftermarket support for second generation (1995-1999 USDM and 1993-1998 JDM) Subaru Legacy/Outback.

while everything hyperlinked is fully compatible with your 2nd gen, keep in mind that it is only a guide to give you a better idea of what to look for..


Bolt Ons


DIY Guides








H&R (-1.5”, -1.25”)

RS☆R (-1.25”,- 1.25”)

Eibach (-1.2”,-1.2”)



KYB GR-2 – 10% Stiffer than OEM Struts

KYB AGX – On-Car Adjustable Damping



K Sport Kontrol

Ground Control

KW Suspension Variant

JIC Racing



Rear Suspension Spacers – Cures the ‘saggy butt’ look after lowering your car, 3/8” Recommended.


Front Strut Tower Bar – Reduce body flex by providing extra stiffness between the strut towers.

disclaimer*- make sure to purchase MY93-01, or any with low-profile brackets.


Rear Strut Tower Bar -Especially effective in wagons


Front Swaybar – Reduce body lean and increase body roll resistance by upgrading to larger sways.


Rear Swaybar

*In order to use 93-01 Impreza RSB, you will need to modify your fuel tank


Front Endlinks - increase swaybar effectiveness by upgrading to endlinks with less flex than the rubber OEM.


[ame=http://www.amazon.com/Kartboy-Subaru-Rear-Endlinks-04-07/dp/B0067QSFQW]04-07 STi REAR[/ame]





Bushings - help reduce drive train flex, eliminate chatter, missed shifts, etc.

Control arm - lower inner front

Control arm - lower inner rear

Steering - rack & pinion mount

Sway bar – link (Front)

Control arm - lower inner & outer

Differential - support outrigger

Differential - mounts in cradle

Sway bar – link

Sway bar - link assembly

Sway bar - link assembly

Sway bar - 18mm

Sway bar - 19mm

Sway bar - 20mm

Sway bar - 22mm

Sway bar - 24mm

Sway bar - 25mm - (Tribeca FSB)

Trailing arm – front

Trailing arm - rear


Shifter Bushings - Improve shift feel and responsiveness on your vehicle by eliminating the soft rubber factory bushing

Front / Rear

Transmission Crossmember Bushings - These bushings can take the torque and vibration of high-performance street and race use

Sway bar Mounts - Super rigid forged light weight alloy mounting.

Rear Sub-frame Locking Bolt Kit - These bolts lock out the rear diff. sub frame bushings to maintain alignment under extreme conditions.

Aluminum Control Arms - Reduces your un-sprung weight and deflection under hard cornering resulting in improved handling

Control Arms - Lighter weight aluminum control arms from GC chassis imprezas bolt right up



Castor Kits - Adds caster to the front wheels giving the car more turn in response












Brembo Slotted , Front / Rear

Stoptech Cryo Treated




EBC Greenstuff – Designed to reduce heat and dust, best for daily driven cars

EBC Redstuff – Designed for a mixture of track and daily driving

EBC Yellowstuff – Used primarily in heavily raced and tracked vehicles


SS Brake Lines - Improves pedal feel and response

Speed Bleeder - Allows brake bleeding to be easily done by only one person

Master Cylinder Brace - helps prevent flex among the master brake cylinder by adding more holding points to it










Cold Air Intake – the Ebay intake was dyno proven at about a 6hp gain over similar Cosmo Racing ($200+) intake systems

MAF Adapter – You’ll need this to affix the cone filter to your MAF

Muffler - Anything works here

Borla UEL Headers - Not recommended due to the thin walls and chances of cracking

Borla Replica Un-Equal Length Header – Bring out the boxer rumble and free up a few HP. Much better reports than original Borla’s

OBX Equal Length Header – Sacrifice some of your rumble for more performance gains.

Header Heat Wrap – Keep the exhaust hot and the valve train noise muffled.

High-Flow Catalytic Converter – Increase exhaust flow

Camshaft Grinding - Low end gains and high end gains depend on how you want them grinded

Spark Plug Wires -


Lightened Flywheel - Reduce weight and inertia for better engine response

[ame=http://www.amazon.com/Grimmspeed-Lightweight-Crank-Pulley-Blue/dp/B0054RG63Y]Lightweight Crank Pulley[/ame] - Get quicker throttle response and more horsepower and torque. Reducing rotating mass results in better performance.

Grounding Kit – Smooth out idle and ride, reduce noise, and free up some HP.

Engine Management – Optimize engine performance by controlling aspects such as fuel mixture and ignition timing.

Port and Polished Heads - Reduce the restriction in the engine's intake and exhaust chambers to allow more air into the system, gaining power.

Engine Pitch Stop - A mount that’s stiffer than stock will reduce the amount of forward and backward movement the engine has.

Roll Center Adjuster – For lowered cars, this replaces ball joints ad returns the control arm angle closer to stock to help bring roll center closer to CG.

Phenolic Intake Manifold Spacer - Greatly reduces the transfer of heat from engine to intake manifold thus reducing heat soak. Every 5° temp. drop = 1% power gain

[ame=http://www.amazon.com/Subaru-Mounts-Legacy-Listing-Fitment/dp/B00ANOV24G]Engine Mounts[/ame] - Less sway and flex in engine components helps put more efficient power down to the ground.


Transmission Mounts - Transmission Mounts Make the transmission more solid. They will give you better feel for your transmission and easier shifting.

4EAT / 5MT

Transmission Oil Cooler – Improve overall performance, and lengthen the life of both the fluid and tranny

Engine Oil Cooler - Reduces oil temperature for extended engine life


Short Shifters -


Kartboy (with bushings)







Gauge Mods


Backlight Color Change

Carbon Fiber Gauge Face Mod

Gauge Swap




-seat belt latches will need to be swapped out for the ones that you already have



97-01 2.5RS

02-03 WRX

04-07 WRX

08-09 WRX

04-09 STi


Steering Wheels

-02 JDM WRX airbags are plug and play 03 JDM some have same problem as the 03 usdm(read below)

-All 02 WRX steering wheels will be plug and play with your airbag connector, 03 WRX air bags have a different connector but will physically fit in. You can splice out the the connectors but at your own risk and not recommended.

-To use your cruise control you will need to swap the modules in the steering wheel.

02-03 WRX



WRX Center Console Swap

Custom Door cards

STi ‘Blue’ Carpet

Carpet/Headliner Dye


A-Pillar 2-Gauge Pods – Fits 52mm gauges

Custom Shift Boots





Chrome Turn Signal Bulbs – Flash Amber

JDM Wagon Tail Lights

JDM Wagon Smoked Tail Lights

JDM Sedan Tail Lights

JDM Projector Headlights

JDM Projector Headlights - Black

JDM Projector Morette Headlights - Very Rare

JDM Sidemarkers - Amber

JDM Sidemarkers - Clear

JDM Front Bumper - GT-B

JDM Front Bumper GT-B Limited

JDM Window Visors

JDM Aero Splash Guards – Takes place of mudflaps

JDM Sedan Rear Window – Rear Wiper

JDM L7 Grille


JDM Power Folding – Folding also found on 1995 ‘L’ Model Legacys

JDM Ganador Side Mirrors

JDM Projector Fog Lights

JDM Flush Door Trim

JDM Clear Sidemarker Part Number: F-01 HM6-112

Edited by Zues Marine
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'90-'98 Auto Transmission ‘Power Mode’ Mod ('99+ Important Info!)- Enable the TCU to use a different shift map making the transmission much more responsive and fun to drive at the cost of 1-2 MPG.

Coil Pack Upgrade –(*Important Info!) Provide a more complete combustion with a powerful spark in your ignition system which translates into more power and better MPG.

WRX Brake Swap – increase braking power with 2pot calipers and larger, 11.5” diameter rotors from the Impreza WRX

Outback H6 Rear Brake Swap - Note: OEM 05-09 LGT Rotors are ventilated and wider, providing an extra boost to this upgrade (290x10mm vs 290x18mm)

Rear Wiper Upgrade - A stylish new look for the wagon's rear wiper

Edited by Zues Marine
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great list man, I would like to help add some stuff such as sterring wheel selection and to add/change the seating, wrx changed its seats for the 04-09 models, they look just like the sti ones but they are all black same direct bolt on like all the other subaru seats. I will have these installed next week and I can take a picture for you.


Can you make a Steering wheel section as people would might like to upgrade to wrx steering wheels or sti steering wheels or even the jdm steering wheel if u can find the clock spring for it.

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Great job bro!! All those strut tower braces fit? I will need to change my rear strut mount studs to longer ones. I have the 3/8 spacers on there. I thought I was looking at 100 each for those bars!!! You are the man dude! Edited by 98quiksilvergt
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I gotta find someone who will make a cold air intake for me. As far as exhaust im definately getting those hi flow cats and borla replica headers. Really gotta make that boxer engine rumble


Cosmoracing.com has cold air intakes for our cars. you might have fitment issues from what i heard on this board though.

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Ok now im a little confused, and am not sure which to buy. There are so many companies that are making the same thing, just not sure which to go with. For instance, crossmember bushing, some made by kartboy,AVO,TiC. Same with the rear diff outterrigger bushings, Whiteline,KArtboy etc.. Shifter bushings, kartboy,perrin,rallitek,cusco etcc....Now which are better, or do some just not fit our cars?
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Personally I prefer a company that’s US based and makes everything so I would opt for Kartboy or Whiteline. Cusco is never in stock and it’s pricey. Perrin isn't bad but they don’t make everything and I am not a fan of the red. Whitleine is great, they make almost everything (not a fan of the Yellow though).

Most Impreza/ WRX stuff will work on our cars. Some may be legacy specific but I have 90% WRX/STi parts for my engine/ drivetrain so I doubt it. I am also a fan of Whiteline because they make a race and comfort line so it’s nice.

Johann @ Girodisc

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