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So I just picked up one of these....Subaru Front LSD


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I paid $500+shipping for mine on NASIOC but they are vanishingly rare to come by and I really don't know if that is what you should normally expect to pay.

It bolts right up to the USDM 5MT. Spline count and diameters are the same, and so is the bolt pattern. It has a 35:65 torque split and I will be controlling the lockup with the mapDCCD controller. More pictures and details in a separate thread once the car is complete.

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5mt DCCD is a unicorn! super rare stuff direct from japan.


You basically have the complete drive-line from a V3/V4 JDM STI but with a 4.11 final drive and the taller stronger LGT gears. I think you are the only one in the US with this setup now.

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Looking at the Rallispec transmission chart, it looks like it is closer to the V5/V6 (MY99-00). The helical front and DCCD center were used on the V5/V6 JDM STI R/RA/S201 and the Suretrac rear was used on the "regular" V5/V6 JDM WRX & STI. Like you said - those came with the 4.444 FD and I am using the stock 4.111. The USDM LGT gearing is identical to the JDM V3/V4 STI (and many others).
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nice ! but $$$


sucks having to buy a car and then change all that stuff.. why cant you just buy a track ready car !



You have to have a passion for it son. I really cant believe that I read that comment on this Legacy board. It's the journey of building a car that makes it all the more sweet.

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Yea i know.


But you dont use a 1/4" ratchet in place of a 3/8" . You can but its gonna break.


You can spend money on shot pene and cryogenic treatments but its still no 3/8" ratchet.


I know i am the lst person to be saying this ! But im looking at the numberes i just of just bought a spec b to start with.

Now that's thinking out of the boxer!:lol:

fyi all 05 + legacy's have built in code reader

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There is no Quaife unit that is compatible with the stock LGT axles.


I know this is a (very) old post, but is this still the case?


I can get a screaming deal on a brand-new Quaife QDH3Y, and just wanted to check whether it would work with my Spec B 6-speed transmission.


It seems like it should if it's made for the STi 6-speed...since you can swap an STi 6-speed transmission straight into an LGT without changing the front axles, I don't see why LGT front axles wouldn't work with a diff made for a 6-speed STi transmission.


Also, any idea how many hours of labour I'd be looking at to get a shop to do the install with the tranny in the car? I know with the 6-speed transmissions you just have to remove the bellhousing rather than split the case.

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