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  1. The pics next to your stockers is helpful. I actually like that they aren’t plain silver, but It’s interesting - I found this thread from a few years ago selling the same wheels and they do look really grey on the car, but throw so much more light in the other pics. I’m used to the machined face with light grey paint of my current wheels, so this color might work out. As far as the 18” - hopefully it doesn’t look too spindly with the Brembos under there. While searching for pics I came across some 20” leggeras and the spoke proportions definitely start to look spider-like at that size.
  2. Thanks. I like the wheel design a lot and was considering the 18x8, but the pics of that color on google really cover quite a range from approaching silver to more of a gunmetal hue. Maybe it’s just direct lighting vs shade? I appreciate you letting me know about your experience with it.
  3. @seanyb505 Do you recall if this is OZ’s “bright race grey” color?
  4. Yep, you got it. Very easy if you’re only replacing the driver’s seat, and easy to reverse the mod as well.
  5. This is for USDM cars but I’d imagine the systems function similarly on JDM cars.
  6. I’d caution against using a wire wheel to clean your hardware - it removes the protective coating and they will rust way more aggressively even with anti-seize. Better to replace the hardware with new OEM, especially for brakes/suspension, IMO. Trust me, I learned the hard way many years ago.
  7. The 6 pots look great. I was thinking about picking up a set versus rebuilding my 4 pots when it’s time to service them. Any gotchas or do they bolt right up like the older fronts?
  8. Thanks @cheeseenlo - that setup looks great, and I appreciate your feedback. I do like that the 235/40 is a little taller overall and it looks just right on the 8” wide wheel.
  9. Well yes and no. I’ve been getting the car ready for sale, but decided not to list it on BaT and haven’t posted up a sale thread yet. I’ve exchanged PMs with a few interested parties but the timing hasn’t been right. When BRZ orders open up I might feel a different sense of urgency, but right now I’m just enjoying wrenching on the car and driving it.
  10. Yeah I kinda realized that I might as well maintain & modify it as if I’m going to keep it, and if the right buyer comes along then I’m sure we’ll work out the particulars. If you come across the pic of the 225/45 yeah post it up. It all helps.
  11. I see what you mean. It looks like it fits the wheel well nicely at stock height, but does look chonky. Those are the as4s? I’ll look up the section width. Most of these wheels have an 8.5 wide option in 17 and/or 18 so I could go that route. I just go back to what I said about the 225 and 235 - might as well stay on the 7.5 wide wheel with 225 at that point I was thinking about getting a Bilstein fixed perch strut and OEM Spec.B spring combo so I could send the Bilstein coils for rebuild and still drive the car. I think I might like it and raise the car a bit after I get the coils back.
  12. Thanks! I used regular 1/4W resistors. It’s just a rating how much heat the resistor can dissipate, which is the product of voltage and amperage in a DC circuit. I don’t know the current draw of the sensor but figured it’s likely on the order of 10-100mA, which would mean a resistor power rating of 1/8W to 1W would be sufficient. Only downside to overspec’ing is cost and having to find room for the larger resistors. Of course going too low on the power rating means the resistor performance will degrade over time due to overheating. Haven’t had any issues since I did the mod in ~2018, but will certainly update here if that changes.
  13. @cheeseenlo how much would you say you adjusted the pedal overall? I think it’s more of an issue in multi plate due to the stack up and subsequent wear of the multiple friction discs. Single disc kits should have around the same stack height as stock, but it’s still a good thing for people to inspect occasionally to prevent premature TOB or main bearing wear.
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