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What cars were you considering at the time you bought your Subaru...

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Currently, I'm shopping for 3 cars..2 of which are Subarus and the other is just a plain sedan. I'm curious what other cars or even SUVs you looked at before you bought a Subaru. I have a great contact at Subaru so I don't think pricing will be an issue cause I'm putting down 50%. I hate high car payments. In any case, I just want to hear from you guys and gals about your shopping experiences. I've been to the Subaru dealer a couple times and they have always been awesome to deal with even when I'm there to poke around and ask questions. :)
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'05-'06 GTO; decided three year production run and Australian-built might be a problem if one of the non-US parts needed to be replaced.


'05 Mustang; loved it but just saw too many.


'05 Forester XT 5MT premium; could NOT find one...until I bought the LGT and then went back by the dealer to pick up an air filter. Friggin' magic trick, that was.


'06 WRX Ltd. wagon; dealer wouldn't work on the price enough.


'06 Kia Rio; psyche!


I was in a situation where I needed something right away that would hopefully be reliable, hopefully have decent resale in a couple of years, and still be fun to drive with better than average performance. I drive rental cars 80% or more of the year with my job but my current contract is nixing the vehicle allowance for the next six months.

Experience is something you don't get until right after you needed it.
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1) MAZDASPEED 6 (Couldn't drive it and the normal one wasn't comparable.)

2) Chevy Trailblaizer SS 4WD ( The Chevy dealer I went to was full of "A"holes and assumed that I didn't have the money because I showed up in my drive to work car which is a '97 Neon, their loss, I really liked it.)

3) SRT8 Magnum (Couldn't test drive them and nothing really comparable on the lot.)

4) SRT8 JEEP ( Dealer mark up was way too high, I expect them to make a profit selling cars, but $10,000-$15,000 on a single vehicle is a bit rediculous.)

5) C6 Vette (Badazzz, didn't like the payments.)

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TSX or TL.


Did not like the TSX at all. TL was very nice, but seems to be prone to tranny problems.


After owning 4 other Subarus, the LGT was a no-brainer.

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When I bought my STi:

Gen 2 Legacy GT Wagon

Got a good deal on the STi though, so why not :p



Recently while looking at what to trade the STi in on:

Jeep Liberty Renegade (6 speed, not the auto)

'05 Legacy GT Wagon

'06 Spec-B

'05 Leftover Accord Sedan V6/6 speed


Ended up with an OBXT, 5MT, non limited... go figure.

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Traded in my G35 Sedan...


Looking at Mazdaspeed6, RX8, G35x


The Infiniti dealer laughed at my requested trade figure...his loss.


I had an appointment with the Mazda dealer at 9:00 am. Yes, an appointment. He kept we waiting through their morning sales meeting for over 40 minutes. I left to kill time...the Suby dealer was across the street. Easiest decision I had ever made regarding a car purchase. I've bought more than 20 new cars already.

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Acura TSX - It was nice, but saw too many on the road.

Volvo S70 - Drove and felt exactly like my old volvo 850.

Mazda 6 - The test drive was awesome and the price was great too. The crash test ratings were not so great.

Lexus IS300 - I would've picked this one if I didn't see them all the time on the road.

WRX - Attracted too many cops.


Honda Civic, Toyota Camry - Got spoiled after I test drove the LGT. These cars didn't pack the punch I wanted.

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Impreza Wagon, Mazda 3 and Mazda 6, Ford Fusion, Ford Escape, Toyota Corolla...I think I came out better than I expected, all things considered! (Although I kinda wish I drove a 6...but no AWD)
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