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What did you do to your Outback today? V3

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Yeah puke fest indeed. The PCV hose connection is not my idea of a good seal with that connector/o ring. Last one I replaced was because I pushed on the head vent crossover inlet to hard and and ripped it, always try to at minimum tie wrap all of these connections.

I'm running a hose clamp on the BOV inlet.

Running my third at this point after that mishap and the first blowing out the rubber to plastic at the turbo side.



I converted all of my IM vac-, water- and fuel-lines to Oetiker clamps. A much better seal and eliminates the need for zipties on all of the factory clamps/connections.

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Yes and they eliminate the fitment issues having a worm gear to rotate to get into an orientation that can be reached later or buried.

Was having conniption fits looking for the right clamps during the motor build.

Bought way too many worm gear style and still may go back to Oetiker in the future.

Issue I was running into was figuring the correct ID to fit the OD of the hoses since the free range kit is a larger OD than stock.

Thought one of the kits was I picked up was Oetiker and ended up being a crush style clamp that never was used.

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They do go bad.

Had that happen to the ex with the step sons in the car heading over the grape vine back to norcal. Car when into limp mode. They pulled over. Called me. Luckily I left the V2 access port in the car.

After instructing them how to plug it in and look at the codes. It was sending the code for the crank or cam sensor. Good thing it decided to stay stable after an ECU reset and get back to the house. Parts ordered and replaced never came back.

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I’m fairly sure it was the original one swapped over to my new motor so 147k total on it. It was getting to the point where starts were intermittent. This morning it didn’t start so I attempted to roll start it in the driveway and ran out of hill so I reset the ECU and it started up.


Also, I’ve been driving my dad’s Model S for the last couple of weeks and transitioning back to my car has been interesting. You definitely can’t zip around with an EWG like you can in the Tesla...people get mad.

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My favorite YT auto diagnostician, Ivan at Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics, has a new Outback-specific video today!
(He has an excellent video on replacing Subaru CV boots which I've posted several times before)
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I've been curious about the Feal "max travel" coilovers. They don't show up on their web page but I've had some conversations with them and they do make a Legacy/OB application. http://feal-suspension6.mybigcommerce.com/coilovers-max-travel-441/?sort=featured&page=1


Here are the non max-travel 441’s, http://feal-suspension6.mybigcommerce.com/feal-441-coilovers-05-09-subaru-outback-xt/, no mention of how much lower than stock they are.

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:) Just Broke In... YNANSB. ;)


Received a GS AOS and considering a Fluidampr 531101 Engine Damper but so many spensives on the latter.


Have an old Toyota Tacoma in the shop right now putting a new head on it. May need to wait a bit on the pulley but it's making me nervous at 210K Miles on the OD.

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YNANSB was for Big Ben.


Motor is working well since rebuild. Wanting to try an AOS solution after going with forged pistons. I've been having some sporadic incidents of excessive blow by causing DAM to dip to .875. Least that's my theory at this point.


What was interesting is after swapping the stock IC to the GS I had one hose clamp tail touching the splitter. This may have been triggering some of the sensed knock and dipping my DAM. It hasn't come back after moving the clamps and making a slightly longer BOV hard splice hose. I was finding the clamps were not getting enough bite with the provided hard section between the GS BOV elbow and the Free Range BOV hose.


Also have been warming it up a bit more before heading out on the road so it may be a combination of factors. DAM has been stable for weeks now.


The GS AOS seemed to be worth an attempt for a easily reversible AOS because Cali.


Now that the Toyota is back on the road I can rip into the XT and take my time. Due for Spark Plugs and some TLC. I want to get the Cobb Catted DP and 3port BC on board for a tune by the end of the year.

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Interesting comment from KillerB about AOS found here:



I have my own reservations about any unit that uses 'media' as a means for separating. Any media (or baffle for that matter) is going to inhibit flow from the crankcase. This means increased crankcase pressure, which is bad! It can effect ring seal (blow-by, oil consumption and power potential). Crankcase vacuum is what you should be striving for as it has benefits with no downsides (well except for paying for an AOS).

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AOS debate and how is endless,, with PCV, without PCV, Catch Can, Return drain with and without a coolant loop.

It's like the Oil Thread, there is no "right" answer for all.


Preference would be to remove the intake connection all together but then there is more to revert back to stock every two years.


Killer B is one way without a coolant loop. No solution for LGT. Bummer...


IAG is another with a coolant loop and a huge can to displace factory wire loom and bending break hard lines for install. Nope...


The above is more a mention of catch can solutions like Crawford?


I don't want to manage a catch can. Nor do I have the time or energy to keep pulling more parts out and reverting to stock every two years....


GS solution seems like a decent compromise. I just hope it reduces the intake gurgle and degrading my tune.


We shall see.

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Nice shine. Is this your version of a winter setup? No steelies?


I'm loving the monochrome paint schemes with the satin black running board detail.


My car is the two tone brilliant silver with the darker silver on the plastic.


If I can ever find the time and energy to repaint all of them brilliant silver. It will be done.


Question to you guys is what paint can be used for the satin black that is durable?

I may even start with new bumper guards since mine are pretty hacked and the rear hatch step is pretty faded from the sun.

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