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WRX USA's 09 OBXT Build Thread


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dam ! what option you dont know about :lol:


A couple of my favorites are the overhead console and the interior fishing pole rack, neither of which I can use because I have/use/love the giant sunroof. Also, I don’t fish...

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The 2015+ WRX shift boot was just a little too small to work on the EDM shift boot so I’ll be sending that back.


I’ve never seen all of the parts for the rear A/C vents sold together, so I grabbed this. It may take me a while to make it work but I like having projects.




I’m assuming I’ll need the LHD part for where the e-brake is but everything else may work.

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How does it connect up front to the AC system? The transmission tunny is in the way. Mostly I have no idea where that big piece on the left goes.


Does this clear it up?




That big piece is the one that I’m going to need to find the LHD version of so that the e-brake has a cutout on the right side.

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I want to say yes. But really the answer is no. I am not sure how it interfaces with the center console trim / carpeting. and it seems like the center cubby sits on top of it?


It seems too long for the area it's supposed to go in. I'll just wait for more pictures.


I am super jealous that you have it though. I have wanted that for years.

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i remember back in the day i saw in Minkara forum a guy that pluged it , i remember he cuted an opening in the main unit , the opening is already here , but i m not sure if jdm differ fom ours cars .
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you can check if same parts number


92143 92143AG010

92143A 92143AG071

92143B 92143AG030






I saw that, the obvious difference is that the shutter control for the opening on the main unit is also on the wrong side.

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Did you get the fancy dip stick? And have you noticed more consistent oil level readings because of it if so?


I bought the fancy dip stick because I was looking at buying the IAG one that didn’t claim to do anything special for the same price. It does seem more consistent but I’m not convinced that you could just pull your OEM dipstick clean it off and reinsert it, making sure not to push it down so that the o-ring seals, and then account for that difference on the reading on the stick.

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