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Full gasket kit content 10105AA720

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done. Please check the OP and see if you all agree now with its content :).

I think that #26 is actually the oil filler neck to VC seal. I'll know for sure by the weekend as I'm almost to that part in my assembly.


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This should be a sticky in the Engine Rebuild Threads (Engines Only). It's incredibly useful when putting your rebuild together!

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I think #9 and #10 are labeled backwards in the photo and description.

The thinner o-ring goes on the oil pickup tube and the larger o-ring goes on the oil fill tube between the oil pan and the block.


Edit: yep, the thinner o-ring definitely goes on the pickup, and the thicker o-ring gets twisted partially inside-out and goes on the oil fill tube goes between the pan and block.


Edit 2: correction, #9 is for the oil pickup, and #10 goes between the oil pan and the block. It looks like the oil fill tube o-ring isn't included in the kit.

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Man I tried to find this when rebuilding cause I knew it was out there. Subbed for future reference.


Still trying to figure out why I have part #35 un used from my kit.

35 = 17555AA010


Even searching with master Google didn't narrow it down.

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Would like to update the spreadsheets.


What explicitly needs to be modified/changed to ensure they're dead-level accurate? 1 for 1 detail so I make sure it's right.

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In post #1, this text

item #9: 806917070 oring for oil fill tube to LH valve cover

item #10: 11122AA000 This goes between the oil pump pickup and block.


needs changed to this

item #9: 806917070 o-ring for oil pickup tube inside oil pan

item #10: 11122AA000 this goes between the oil pan and the block


The picture will be correct with these changes to the text.


If it would be helpful I can write a short description for each gasket/seal/oring and post them here when I'm finished with my rebuild in a couple weeks.

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UGGHHH!! Thanks for the list I'm bagging things up now but I'm pissed I just ordered a oil cooler gasket because I figured it's not part of this set.. I just now see it is :mad:


same with the valve seals but that was way before I ordered the kit...


I also wanted to add you have this: item #26: 806922040 This may be the recirc valve kneck o-ring


That's actually the oil filler neck o-ring that fits between the valve cover gasket and the oil filler neck.

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#14 is really for the exhaust cams? I thought the inner part was suppose to be around the cam like the intake one? I had to come on here and double check to make sure I did not mislabel my bag


*edit I got it backwards ugh... gotta buy new seal now...

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Yeah, this is a weird gasket kit to me.


It's missing several copper bank bolt washers that you'll need, but you get the aluminum washers/gaskets for the piston pin access plugs (item #1 above, which the FSM says you need to use sealant on also and there are other plugs on the cases which don't have those aluminum washers and you only use sealant).


and it's missing all the exhaust gaskets downstream of the motor, so you have to get those separately.


but yet it includes a water pump gasket, thermostat seal, water pump dust seal - all of which normally come with a water pump. And if you were re-using a water pump during a motor rebuild, you don't necessarily have to replace the thermostat either, you can remove the pump from the cases without touching the thermo.


and as mentioned, missing the two cam bore plug (half-moons, p/n 11051AA070) which it would be foolish not to replace it doing a whole shortblock.


There also aren't new o-rings for the cam position sensors, which would be nice. Same for the fuel injectors, each injector has a big one and a smaller one, would be nice to get those too (all 10 of those would cost an extra $4)


missing the o-ring for the inside of the oil fill cap, not a big deal but would be nice


missing the o-ring for the dipstick itself (at the top), not a big deal but would be nice


missing the seal for the center plastic timing cover (one on top, one on bottom),



For posterity,


item #1 - piston pin access plug washers/gaskets

item #2 - rear main seal (duh)

item #3 - ???? I forget, but I think these go between the cases

item #4 - interestingly enough, this is the #4 piston pin access plug o-ring, for the little cover that goes on the rear end of the drivers side case

item #5 - between the cases

item #6 - for case bolts

item #7 - head gaskets (duh)

item #8 - oil dipstick tube where it mounts into the oil pan

*item #9 - oil pump o-ring where it mounts to the case

item #10 - goes on the oil pan for the main oil drain

item #11 - oil drain pug washer

item #12 - piston wrist pin circlips

item #13 - non-AVCS cam seals

item #14 - AVCS cam seals

item #15 - timing cover dust seal

item #16 - timing cover dust seal

item #17 - AVCS cam o-rings for the little covers that cover the cam gear bolt

item #18 - valve seals

item #19 - valve locks

item #20 - valve seals

item #21 - valve cover gasket (passenger)

item #22 - valve cover gasket (driver)

item #23 - valve cover gaskets (spark plugs)

item #24 - front crank seal (oil pump)

item #25 - little seals for the passenger side of the oil pump, basically dust seals like those for the timing covers

*item #26 - oil fill tube

item #27 - water pump gasket

item #28 - thermostat seal

item #29 - dust seal for the side of the water pump

item #30 - oil cooler o-ring

item #31 - intake manifolds

item #32 - "throttle gasket" which means this goes in the TMIC inlet, right where it bolts to the turbo compressor outlet

item #33 - TGV/intake to heads

item #34 - fuel injectors

item #35 - fuel pipe

item #36 - turbo oil

item #37 - copper washers for oil lines (these are the bigger 12mm ones, need min 4 for just the drivers side head, so this isn't enough)

item #38 - copper washers for oil lines (these are the smaller 10mm ones for the turbo side)

item #39 - coolant crossover pipe (water pipe on top of the cases, to the upper radiator hose)

item #40 - exhaust manifold gaskets (duh)


Been poking around forums looking for a good price on a head gasket kit.. trying to avoid a whopping 350 from the dealer (but will suffice if i have to) noticed your comment on this thread and was wondering if you had the part numbers for those peices missing from said kit. Checked amazon and they have an ok deal for the oem suby kit but id be more worried about the pieces you mentioned.. any suggestions?

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Partsouq.com is a good source too. Shipping is spendy but if you need oem parts, they're hard to beat when it's in stock. I've ordered quite a few parts from them and it is still cheaper after shipping is factored in. Plus, you get crazy fast international shipping.
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