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what oil do you use and how often do you change it?

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been running high mileage 5w30 and changing it every 3k. my motor doesn't have high miles, but it was leaking or burning some and the high mileage oil fixed that. but after some more research I'm gonna switch to rotella t6 5w40 and change it every 5k.
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i use rotella 5w-40, havearound 6ooo miles,still is clean....heading for 10000miles....

using rotella and changing it less than 5k is wasting money... i have 278800 miles on my legacy, and after 5k its still as clean as the day i put it in.

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i use what ever is on sale at a discount when i need it. i need it every 5k miles for each of the 4 or 5 cars i have on the road at the time, it varies.


i have done this since 1982 when i bought an isuzu / chevy luv diesel pickup. i have never had a lubricant related failure.


i believe changing it is more important than what you use.


82 isuzu diesel pickup - drove it from 0 miles till the manual trans failed in 1990, miles unknown i just can't remember.

90 nissan pick up - drove it from 0 to 170k miles, still have it - farm use.

93 legacy - drove from 98k to 175k and wrecked it.

95 legacy - drove it from 75k to 165k, replaced the auto trans, my son drove it to 208k at college, sold it this year.

97 outback ltd - drove it from 95k to 145k w/ piston slap and sold it 2 years ago. she wrecked it at college.

97 GT w/ ej22 swap, bought it with 125k (bad ej25) and still driving it at 157k.

97 toyota avalon - my wife has driven it from 62k to 202k and is now talking about replacing it.


i do not recommend recycled motor oil for you car, but using fresh recycled / re-manufactured oil is better than not changing the old oil you have 3k - 5k on now and running it another 3k - 5k.


just my opinion.

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The valvoline recycled is fine. Its actually re-refined so is the same as new.

BTW you can often get quaker state ultimate durabilty (synthetic) for free after rebate.

Currently using Amsoil sig series with amsoil filter which I will change after a year.

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Rotella T6 5w40 Wix filters its been almost 4k and the oil is still very golden(every time I start the car it is -10celsius so this mean's there is condensation in the oil so it brakes down quicker than you guys in warmer climates). I also put neodymium magnets from ebay onto my oil filter and slapped a few underneath my transmission to grab up metal shavings
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Every 2000 miles with castrol high mileage. I might switch to rotella though based on this topic.


2k might seem extreme but a lot of those are mail miles which count double, lol


Nothing wrong, with changing your oil every 2000 miles. Especially with short trip, stop and go driving. I have been using 10-30 castrol syntec titanium and puralotar synthetic filter-about every 2000 to 3000 miles.

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