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The H6 3.0R Thread Check in Here

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I hate not being able to find much info on the H6 3.0R, so I thought I'd start a thread that we can all share information on.


I have an 08 Limited Deep Bronze Metallic.


Someone asked me about how I liked my 3.0R compared to my 05 LGT that I had so I thought I'd share that information again.


My LGT was about stage 2.5 and had around 70k miles, so I was kinda getting worried about the mileage and turbo and having to futz with it. My wife hated having to drive it when I needed the SUV to pull my trailer when I went racing. It was setup for autox with coilovers and squeakey HPS+ pad's a ACT clutch and LWFW.


Having a todler running around I just didn't want to have to mess with a modded car checking the tune and tweaking on parts.


I was looking at 09 WRX's, but no one wanted to make a deal on one for the price I wanted to pay. So I went to test drive the 3.0R with no intention to buy the actual one I test drove. I originally hated the color. I ended up getting a screaming deal on one that had only 3,300 miles on it. I just wanted to see if I would be happy with the power of the H6. (I had a 2.5i before the LGT, so I knew I wouldn't be happy with the 4 banger.)


When I drove the 3.0R I thought it would be ok power wise and the wife really liked the luxury side of the 3.0R and automatic. I thought the paddle shifters would be a nice compromise compared to a manual that I wanted.


So far I'm really happy with the 3.0R. I've still auto x with it and I did a ice rally cross the other night and it is still fun to drive. I know I can't compete with the STI'S and Evo's, but that's ok. It's not as fun as the LGT, but whenever I visit the forums and see that people are blowing up motors and turbo's I'm happy knowing I can hit my remote start and jump in the car and not worry about it. I know I can't mod the car other than suspension stuff, so there is no temptation there. It would be nice to get another 30hp out of the engine, but ohh well.


I do miss the LGT sometimes, but I'm really happy with the 3.0R and like I said I got a sweet deal on very low mileage car that was never owned by anyone other than the dealership.

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Yah I agree I loved my 5MT. If the tranny would shift a little faster I think it would be pretty sweet. But it seems that it doesn't shift quit fast enough for me when I've auto x'ed it. For spirited daily driving it isn't so bad.
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Here is a couple of pic's I took before I removed the winter wheels for the season. They are 08 WRX rims with 225-45-17 General Altimax Artic's.


I'm trying to decide if I want to leave the Flapatax mudflaps on for the summer or not.





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i originally thought i would use my RA flaps just for the winter, but i ended up keeping them year round. its just more protection to me.


also, i plan on debadging when it gets warmer. i think its a little busy on the rear end. i am going to just keep the 3.0R and have an L7 overlay.

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i actually just picked up and 09 3.0r and had some questions. This is my first subaru and really... my first car as i have always owned trucks. I have a ford f250 diesel with 6" of lift and 37" tires so i needed some with better fuel mileage. First of all i love the car and my next car will be a subaru. Questions are, ive been looking at videos online and i see 3.0r spec b, whats the spec b? Also i have seen 0-60mph times all over the board for this thing, 6seconds, 7.9seconds, 7.2seconds. What is the true 0-60 for it in sport# mode? Also what kinda cars do these stack up against? I.E. Which common cars could the 3.0r take? Sorry if thats too much. oh and what about exhaust for these things? I know this motor probably sounds good when it can breathe, but its hard to find anything for this motor. thanks for any help.
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lol mikystle, some of the stuff I can answer, others I'm not too sure about.


The spec b 3.0 was released in europe, jdm and aus and is the 3.0 engine with a 6 speed MT. It's too bad they never released it here, cause it would be awesome.


I'm guessing those times would be in the fastest "sport" mode


For exhaust you can get a catback or just axleback, but you can't get uel headers. I'd think the catback would be very close to the LGT, and axleback should bolt on. Some 3.0 owners can chime in on that.


And I have no idea what car it stacks up against ; p

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Here is my legacy.. Bought her in December of last year in california and drove her back to texas. . . Done a few mods so far, grille, backup camera, and some audio gear. Ill probably gonna stay relatively stock until the warranty runs out. (7 years and 70,000 miles from now)


When I bought it



New Grille



And a few random pics from my phone



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The intercooled setup would be the one I'd be most interested in purchasing. However it may take a couple years of saving up, but a dyno would be greatly appreciated to see the end results and awhp.
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Can anyone confirm that the 3.0R is supposed to get a spark plug change at 30k. I don't have the correct owners manual. The mysubaru website says it should be part of the 30k service, but plugs at this mileage seems ridiculous.


Anyone have torque converter problems. I read about it here and only experienced it about once a month at the most. The last time I took the car in for a bad sway bar link they re-flashed the tranny, but now about 4 months later it seems to be shuttering a little more frequently.


I've got a coolant leak right around the lower radiator hose, but it looks like it is on the top side of the hose. So I can't tell if the hose is leaking under pressure or at the radiator where the joint for the plastic and fins are leaking.


I have the Gold Plus Warranty on it so I was going to take the car in for the coolant leak and was wondering about the plugs.

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I have an '05 3.0R and I have a question. When I floor it I sometimes notice a puff of smoke in the rear vision mirror just as a reach the top of first gear and sometimes at the top of second. Is this likely to be a slipping clutch or the engine burning oil or some other issue?
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