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Official Test for NTD Throttle Control Unit

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As many of you may have read about this product in this thread:



Well, I have a throttle position modifier from the company NTD. This unit will allow the driver to select from three different modes: Normal, Sport and Eco. Unlike the factory installed SI Drive, this units has added levels of adjustment within each throttle position category.








There are 7 levels of adjustment in Sport Mode and 5 levels of adjustment in Eco mode. The normal mode has no level of adjustment. I will say that the components supplied are very good quality and the instructions have nicely sized diagrams and numbered steps for installation. :)


The hardware can only be plugged in one way so there should be little room for mistakes when installing this unit. The one technical part of the install may be wiring in the optional reverse circuit which monitors throttle position while in reverse. This is an optional step and is not required for proper functioning of the unit.




Installed the unit today took 11 minutes!!!!! This included the learning process the unit requires before you start your car. Took it out for a spin Eco mode is really great it delays the throttle motor so that you never get a burst of acceleration and power rolls on smooth.


Even if you switch during operation you can feel the throttle decrease to the programmed level. You can have it on the sporty end of economy or the really really conservative side.

Sport Mode has 7 levels and each one is noticeably more aggressive. Level 7 causes the throttle to come open 100 percent at the touch of the pedal. My car seemed like it had a turbo on it!!! Another added perk is that level 7 in sport is that hills are no longer a roll zone when taking off from a stand still. I am a veteran manual transmission operator and the way it alters the throttle pattern, the power is there as soon as you disengage the clutch.


An added benefit from this unit for the driver is the output of how much the throttle is open. It helps you understand just how much you need to press the pedal to make your car do what you want.



UPDATED 11/20/2009 VIDEO::

Video is of the unit in action in Sport mode because you can't video ECO in action just know that ECO delays the throttle so you don't get a guzzler effect. HERE you go:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFh-zuc3GlY]YouTube- PB180467.AVI[/ame]



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I will be thoroughly impressed if this really works.


from frens who have installed this in their legacys & other makes. it improve the slow lag response.


so far only heard abt good impressions on these.


pivot, blitz or ntd.


eco def will saves u fuel.

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Hello forum friends and interested others. I haven't installed it yet b/c I left the office later than I wanted to yesterday. But the instruction call for the pedal assembly to be removed which after looking may not be needed because the connector can be removed while it is still attached it would make things easier but it isn't totally necessary.
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I'm interested in seeing the economy improvements this will give us. Any idea on what the final price this little gem will cost us?

there are selling it on ebay


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I don't think any vendor can beat ebay's price.. www.sprintboosterusa.com and just like this one. But not tuneable always on.


$329.00 and the only gains are from 0-50 % throttle and it isn't adjustable no one should that product :lol: the eBay price is $170.00 plus S/H we can't make that claim until the group buy prices are posted.

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No I did not mean that sprintwhatever was better!! I was saying that the blitz unit I don't think that we will be able to get a better price even if we do a group buy.. Hey but you never now I think I will just get the ebay now I hate waiting:):)
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Just asking, but why wouldn't you spend less money on Open source software and hardware, and get actual increases in performance and the ability to change alot about your tune, along with the ability to simply remap the throttle pedal... (Which is all this does)
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I understand all of that, but $170 to $300 for a part that does not actually change the performance of the car :spin:


Well having this unit installed on my 2008 Legacy I will NEVER write a review that states performance gains. But I will say this after putting about 200 mixed miles on the test unit this device fixes the choppy laggy throttle that many 2.5i owners complain about.


I dont think for $170 you can pay the dealer to go into your ECU and and DBW unit and tune those annoyances out. And you certainly can't do it without risk from any other method that I know that wont void your warranty.


I will say that this little black box (actually two little black boxes :)) have raised my moral about certain driving situation the throttle is just there when you want it to be and it helps out a lot (with choppy throttle) in low speed situations.

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So this doesn't help at higher speeds? The throttle annoys me when I push the pedal further in but get no response back in terms of power. I can never tell how much I'm getting back from the engine.


Thats exactly what this changes keep in mind you will have to downshift to 4th :) because our engines just dont get it done in 5th but SP7 mode on this unit gives you what you want

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