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JL Stealthbox announced - GROUP BUY now available!!


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Manville hinted at it, but it's official now (see the Subaru Legacy Wagon listing):




Not sure if this is the finished product, but here's the one in Manville's car:




Check out the page on JL's main site about Manville's car:




Also, two new CleanSweep products. One isn't applicable to our cars, but the other one is a three source switcher with auto-sense capability. So, you could add an iPod and XM/Sirius capability to your CleanSweep or use it as a standalone switcher if you are using a radio with AUX in up in the cubby.

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Not sure of the details on the StealthBox, but it's probably a 10W6V2 based on what Manville used for his car. I'll guess the MSRP at $499-599 based on previous experience....hopefully, they offer a lower pricepoint too with a less serious driver for those who don't need the performance of the more expensive woofer.


I'll be first in line for the W6 StealthBox...it's a perfect finishing touch for my system. :)

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I'd like more info on the A6450 amp that Manville shows in his schematic. I'd love to bi-amp my front set of speakers. 75x6 would be the perfect amp for me and that moniker - 6450 - 6 channel 450 watt would mean just that.
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nope...looks to be wagon only. Not sure of the difference, except the VDC version of the Outback has an OEM sub in that location, so they probably took advantage of the mounting points.
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Us sedan guys get ripped off! Doesn't matter to me I already have one, but common!


actually, the better solution than a StealthBox for sedans would be one of the loaded enclosures. You guys have a fixed back seat - put the box up against it and build a cover across the whole thing to hide it. I did that all day long when I sold JL....more bang for the buck than a StealthBox.

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I'm currently at the show taking a coffee break. I have yet to get to his booth but have an hour between meetings so off I go! His car and JL's products look superb.


Now- where's that program guide to get his booth number...?

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$2500 plus labor and parts will get you something similar in performance. We're talking a basic install, not all the custom work. Custom labor at a talented shop runs $1500-2000/week.
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I don't see Subaru yet on the list of makes to choose from


look at the link I posted, not the product selection. It's listed as a new StealthBox on the way, but no further details.

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From careful zooming and examination of cheesy ass slidehow pictures ive come to believe that these are the new amps:








It looks like the main idea behind these amps is that they accept" aftermarket and most oem signals, including those with differential balanced outputs asdlfkjasdf? Bose OEM systems, for example" So what... is a type of cleansweep built into these amps? JL is leaving me in the dark :( The front of these amps also appear to read VOLUME JUB... awesome :/


Looking at it again.. 3 main advantages.

1. Loms Mochas... Period ?!?!

2. Compatibility with LOC's

3. Input Voltage Pumperknickle Subwoofers?


But manville definatly has these in his trunk... so give us the skinny!

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We really aren't releasing consumer info on the new amps until closer to delivery time (April), but so you guys don't feel a lack of love I will share some basic details...


The primary differences between the soon-to-arrive A-series and the outgoing E-series are:


1) A-series has more sophisticated input sections that are more noise-immune and more compatible with OEM source units.

2) A-series has more massive heatsinks for better thermal dissipation.

3) A-series has more advanced protection circuitry that rolls power back instead of shutting down when overheated or when too low of an impedance load is applied.

4) A-series has a sexy new look.


Other than that, they are identical to the current E-series product.


I have them in my car and they work beautifully in my application... no plans to swap them for slash.


Best regards,


Manville Smith

JL Audio, Inc.

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I'm very confused.


what is the difference between


cleansweep to new a series amp with enhanced input to stealthbox etc




OEM output to new a series amp with enhanced input to stealthbox




Sorry... didn't mean to confuse.


The difference is that the CleanSweep neutralizes the EQ built into the factory system. If you connect amps directly without CleanSweep you have to live with the Subaru EQ curve which is less than optimal for a good aftermarket system.


BUT... if all you are doing is adding a subwoofer, you don't need the CleanSweep and the A-series amps can take the output of the factory deck directly without any line output converters which increase distortion and ruin low bass.

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