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Totally depends on what your doing with the car in my opinion. I run Continental extreme contact DW on my daily and they are great for a wet/ dry performance tire on the street. I run Dunlop ZIII Star Specs on my track car. Not that I couldn’t run the Dunlop’s on the street and the Conti’s on the track, but you’ll chew thru the Dunlop’s pretty fast due to the low tread wear rating on the street and the Contis won’t be nearly as good on the track. Same with the Toyos, killer tire for the track but I wouldn’t run them on the street unless I had a fat wallet :) If most of your time is spent on the street, I’d go for the Contis, I love mine, (you could throw them on track here and there and they would be fine) Edited by shralp
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and there in lies the problem. what level of performance do you really want? As of late, the new top extreme performance 200TW dry weather king is the Yokohama A052, followed closely by the Bridgestone RE-71r and the BFgoodridge Rivals 1.5-S. After that you have the dunlop zIII as mentioned, along with hankook RS4 and the yokohama AD08, and a couple others not mentioned. All of these tires sacrifice tread wear for max traction, sometimes to the point where they may only last a couple track days of about 50 autox runs on a heavy camber challenged car.


a good compromise is the Michelin pilot super sport if you want more longevity and rain traction. R888r's are terrible on the street, so unless you are buying 2 sets(in that case you may as well get hoosier R7's) stick with a good extreme performance tire(or Max performance). as mentioned above, the ZIII's sacrifice a little grip compared to the A052, but they will last longer.

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With the ideals of one tire setup - I recommend the pilot sport 4S - it's the goto tire for all around performance.


Of course there are other options if you ant to forgoe certain aspects:

- Indy 500 is supposedly 8/10 of P4S performance for for ~2/3 the price

- Continental DSW is anpther option - but almost as pricey with more of a touring performance feel (supposedly)

- And as noted you can go better dry performance and forego the wet with a full on performance tire


I run the P4S on my LGT and my S4 and it's more than enough for spirited street driving in all but winter temps - and it certainly could do HPDE / Light Track Duty - but as noted you will NEVER get the 30K mileage they claim out of them - but it's supposedly easy to warranty for $ off the next set (I am my first sets on both cars)

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What tires is everyone running looking at performance tires for dry/wet weather road and track surface..


Are you doing HPDEs or autocross or what?

Get another set of wheels and a dedicated tire that you use only for events.

HPDEs up in the PNW I would pick the Toyo RA1 because it's not slow in the dry and still grips well enough to be pretty quick in the wet. Legit proven tire that likely won't scare you into leaving the car parked when it rains. They are streetable enough to drive to the track on them (if you don't have a tire trailer) and it's no big deal if you hit rain on the way to/from. I would not say the same for the R888. Fine tire, was the spec tire in Spec Miata for a while IIRC, but less streetable in weather.


If you're going to be tracking at all during the 9 months of the year when rain is possible/likely, I would skip the 40 to 100 TW slicks unless you view your car's sheet metal as a consumable.


I'm not current on which are the hot 200 TW tires for autocross AND will also not fall off towards the end of a 30 minute hot lapping HPDE session in the middle of summer. After my second kid I let my GRM subscription lapse. <sniffle> I run Hankook RS3v2 on the Miata during summer and they fit the bill for that car. RS4 should be even better.


Michelin PSS or P4S can do all of the above with slight compromises in performance versus the more dedicated tires, but won't last long if they're the only set of tires on the vehicle and you're putting street miles on as a daily. Of course there are plenty of daily driven Porches around here with Super Sports that have never seen the track, just have owners with enough money to not care about tread life. Sadly not a problem I face at the moment.

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Bumping for a +1 on the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S.


I have 10K miles on my set. Incredible for street use. Rain or shine, these will perform in anything but winter temps. I am constantly putting spirited-driving miles on them and they put out with every mile. Will be replacing with another set of 4S once these are gone.

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I had 295's on my Jaguar and got caught in a heavy snowstorm years ago. Slowed down, turned off all the "boy racer" settings and drove from Tacoma to a friend's place in the olympics. The snow was hub deep by the time we got there.


When I lived in Michigan, I could only afford one set of tires, so bought summer tires (goodyear gatorbacks) and drove them year round. Front wheel drive turbo with torque steer ensures yer gonna have an incident at least once a day. After awhile, you get used to it and learn how to drive out of the spin.


awd turbo wagon? Either drive snow tires year round or summer tires. If you never go in snow, just get summers. All-seasons suck all the time.

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i am a fan of the super sports as one tire for everything. you'll never get 30,000 miles tread warranty, tho.


I'd pass on the 888 snd go to the RA1 or RR tire instead. If you can afford a teack only tire, buy slicks and step up longevity quite a bit.


Yeah I ended up going with 265/35/18 Continental extreme contact sports on my 18/8.5 +35 offset ESR SR12 Rims for on the street love them never loose traction even in the rain super grippy I might try out the super sports at some point when I wear these things out I have about 4,000 miles on them so far

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