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Official Lowered Outback Thread V2


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*not speaking from experience*


From what I've read anything over 225 is hit or miss with rubbing. I wanted something that I knew wouldn't rub, so I went with 225 > 245. I have 17s stock height, 18s might be different.


I think you will need to replace the bumpstops or grind stock ones...outback bumpstops are huge. you can find a set of takeoffs cheap.


Swaybars are nice. Rear OB bars are pretty small which causes the car to understeer more. In the end i think it comes down to personal preference. I am extremely satisfied with stock LGT springs and 22mm F/R setup. I would recommend changing endlinks and reinforcing the rear brackets if you choose to go this route.


Hey peeps. believe it or not, i have read both V1 and V2 over the last couple days. so much awesome info here, but a lot of info to comb through! i think i have a good idea of what needs to be done, just need some confirmation.


I've got a 05 red 5AT OBXT. here is the list:


BC racing coilovers(OB most likely)

megan racing rear rear and rear front links (to help with camber)

LGT bumbstops(or do i need them on coilovers?)

245/45/28 on 18x8 with 45mm offset(will it rub? is there a better option? not trying to roll if possible)


plan is to lower it a inch or so lower than LGT height. my ultimate plan is a solid handling DD sportwagon more than anything else, so is there something else i should consider? new swaybars and endlinks? is removing the body spacers necessary? do i need new links for the front as well or just the back?


thanks again for all the info here. im pretty sure im on the right track, but this is my first time lowering a car, and i want to make sure i do it right!:):)

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Well, if you want to go lower than LGT, you probably don't want the OB-specific coilovers. Assuming the coils have built in bump stops, you'll probably ditch the stock ones altogether. I'm currently on a straight LGT swap but running stock OB-sized rubber and wheels and have no rubbing BUT I also only have about 10mm of clearance between the tire and the front spring perches.
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Your wagon is my new favorite black wagon. Sorry magnusubie.


I like it so much its making me question my life decisions.


Im about to report him for being a jerk. A month ago those same rims came for sale locally to me and I though, "mmmmm", but did a financially smart move because I already have two sets of 18s.


Those pictures make me regret that financially smart decision.

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Changed my wheels





Ooof, that's real nice


As I like to hit gravel trails now and then, half of me wants to lift my OB for practical reasons, the other half wants to lower it for looks


I see your OB is NZ new, pretty rare to see a non Jap import here

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Oh wow! Didn't know they closed the original thread! Great to see everyone's build coming along! Looking really good out there!


Here are some recent shots. Hope yal had an awesome holiday season and happy new year! :)







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How much work went into getting them to fit?

Sorry - just noticed this reply,


Not as much as others....


Rolled the guards (fenders) all round (used a hammer for most of them as my shocks are too short for my roller - couldn't be fucked extending them and then lowering it again after)


Trimmed the plastic flares all round with a Dremel


Surprisingly the fronts were easier to fit than the rears!

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Looking good! Really like those meaty tires with the white writing. I want something like that for my own Outback. :) Wheel specs and tire size?


Thanks! wheels are XXR 530's 18x8.75 +20 and tires are Toyo Proxie 4 Plus 235/40. The white lettering are not tires stickers, I hand painted them lol

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Alright, here's some more pics. Slightly older pics from AutoCross, but I don't think I've shared them here yet. I do enjoy ripping this car around a course. Still need to do the subframe spacer removal to remedy the bump steer.










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Guys, I need an advice. There is a nice 3.0 spec B Legacy for spare parts and I would love to have its springs on my EDM 3.0 Outback for lowered looks and tougher ride. Will they fit the stock OB struts? Do I need any other part from that spec B? Does the spring swap damage the stock suspension over time? .. I don't want to spend much money on it so used but tougher springs are very nice option.
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Not a good idea, as they'll not work with rear self levellers.

Best bet is a complete front and rear strut swop, along with rear UCA's and bump stops.

you'll also need the Whiteline KCA bush kit for the camber adjust on the rear UCA's.


Here's my suspension swop on a UK 3.0r.

This will drop it to 3.0 spec b height.





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