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My LGT Turbo RANT - Poor Interior Quality and MORE, read this Subaru


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So, when I first drove the 05 Legacy I fell in love with it.. too bad everything was nice an tight for the test drive and 500 miles, now there are issues:




1) Car pulls to right. Dealer says it is a "drift", I say it is a "pull". What the hell is the difference - just make the car go straight. They aligned it once and it still goes right. This is my #1 hatred.


2) Both B-pillars rattle in the front seat passengers' ear. It is so damn annoying. It is loud - I am not realty picky.


3) Sunroof slider rattles - when you open the roof, it drops down a bit and the rear of the sunroof rests on a plastic slide. Well, then the sunroof is closed the slide just floats around and vibrates. I can make it stop by wiggling the slide. The slide doesn't seem to be installed properly.


4) Passenger side rear view mirror was loose. I had to tighten up the mounting screws.


5) Passenger side roof handle was loose. It turns out the dork responsible for installing the fastening bolts cross threaded one of them. The damn thing was really jammed in there. I was luckily able to thread it properly. The steel seemed strong though. This is a small illustration of how American workers are falling behind.


6) Driver side window makes a horrible clack clack clack when partly down and closing the door. It turns out the metal clip used to install the window bottom seal is not right.. so the screw fastening the clip is out of whack and interferes with the glass. In addition, I have a 2.5 inch scratch on the glass from the screw scraping the glass when opening/closing.


7) Center console squeaks like crazy. Unacceptable! What a joke.


8) New rattle/vibration has started BEHIND the dash. Unacceptable!


9) Doors vibrate on occasion, not a big deal, but still Unacceptable when compared to Subaru's peers..


10) Car hesitates randomly under high load at any rpm, especially with A/C on and 4 passengers.


11) Dealer promised full detail - has not happened yet. I need some scratches from their storage addressed.


12) Weather stripping is cracking already - parts ordered


13) Sunroof switch sticking - parts ordered


14) Sunroof console warped. What the hell.. the console doesn't sit flush on the headliner - parts ordered.


15) Heated seat control panel had a nick in the top. Not a big deal, but should be perfect on delivery.


16) Dual climate control is worthless. ..Annoying that you have to adjust both knobs. Subaru, make the control like Infiniti's ACC - add a button to switch in and out of dual/single mode.


17) Front passenger legroom needs improvement.


18) Embarrassment factor - my brand new car rattles and hums more than a U2 album.. when people drive with me on the freeway they ask, "why does your new car rattle and squeak so much?" - I can only respond with " I think Subaru's new US plant sucks ", while feeling like a sucker.


19) Clutch sucks. What the hell is that smell from? The stock clutch CANNOT handle very much before it starts to smell. I drive the car normally and it still smells. This is embarrassing also.. and it makes Subaru look terrible every time I have a passenger in the car and the stick rears its ugly head. I wonder if the dual mass flywheel is cheap or something.


20) Gas mileage is bad. But what do you expect from a turbo car I guess. Normal driving is 20mpg. Mileage drops to 17mpg when having fun.


21) Fuel filler sucks, it doesn't engage fuel nozzles smoothly. And the fuel tank cap tether is a joke.. come on Subaru! Am I supposed to let the cap rest against the body? Lame!


22) Pretty rough idle for a 2005 car. Not sure if it is normal for the H4 engines or what, but I am surprised by it - not a big deal though.


23) Dealer has been pretty poor in communication so far. I was supposed to hear back from them 3 weeks ago and no response. I just wanted to get all this taken care of ASAP so I can just enjoy the car, but that is too much to ask I guess. I have been pissed and don't want to deal right now, anyway. I'm in the process of notifying Subaru regarding the whatever whatever warrantee act. I am tired of all this BS. I did not pay for all this; I am completely unsatisfied. Resale on 05's is going to SUCK.




1) good ride.. could float less but who cares for normal driving. Upgrades are available for the needy.


2) good seats. I am 6'2" 175lbs.


3) fun to drive when the thing doesn't hesitate.. and it's not "turbo lag" as the dealer likes to call it. The car cuts out for a second.. like the ECU is confused by a noisy sensor input or something.


4) huge trunk


5) Interior looks nice - but quality is in the "D" range.. and I only have 2k miles! Things are going to loosen up even more.


6) I like the steering and wheel


7) The 4WD kicks ass. Great setup.


8) The car is very well rounded - too bad the interior has issues.


Anybody else have issues like this?

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yeah i have some rattles but nothign major and i drive from manhattan to connecticut twice a day over the worst roads in the state and i have sti springs. i have gottena ride in a friends bma 5 series and an audi a6 over the same roads and although the ride is a bit better(softer though so worse handling) they haev plenty of fitment issues-rattling etc. also they both haev had niggling electobic gremlins that i have not. sounds like you got a bad lemon because i am very very picky and the quality on my car is top notch.
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With that long list of problems, this is all I can help you with... sorry...


The fuel cap reaches far enough that you can put the cap under the wheel well and above the tire. Stays out of the away and doesn't rest against the body of the car.


21) Fuel filler sucks, it doesn't engage fuel nozzles smoothly. And the fuel tank cap tether is a joke.. come on Subaru! Am I supposed to let the cap rest against the body? Lame!


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I was driving on the BQE today and it has the worst roads since it is always under construction. The car feels very solid and nothing rattles. I do have the issue with the plastic cover for the stickshift separating from the right of the center console/radio. I think when they put in my subwoofer they must have broken it. I will address this with them on Tuesday. The most annoying thing that I have encountered is the blurry windshield that I discovered upon delivery (not the test drive) and they are replacing it on Tuesday. i could have done it earlier, but Tuesday is the earliest they have a loaner car.


Have you checked your tire pressure? Mine were all set to 34PSI had to fix that.


GL and keep on letting them know what is wrong with the car.



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Yea stuff rattles like a $5 civic, and that annoying creak or whatever when you go over bumps and inclines...something up around the front. My driver side rear window folds up the weather stripping and makes a nasty sounding rubbbing noise when you roll it down. Those are the only issues i have.....my clutch is fine..no stink etc...i think i hear a new rattle every day though..pisses me off
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Take a look into the lemon laws of your state. In NY if the car is at the dealer more than x days in a year, or x times for the same problem (can't remember them clearly), you have the right to either get your money back or get a new ride. I'm sorry it had to come to this though. I can only imagine how frustrating it all must be.
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Sounds like you got the car that was built on a Friday afternoon right after the assembly plant guys had a 3 martini lunch.


-With 8000 KM's since Feb 2005, and numerous road trips, my interior is rock solid with no squeaks.


Engine studder is a common complaint, but Subaru has admitted the issue and will fix that for you if you press.


All other points just need to be beaten over the head of your dealer, with copies sent to Subaru America so a file can be opened in your name.


He who yells loudest gets dealt with first, at least in my eight years in the sales and service industry

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I agree with the ruff idle and the stuttering problem on acceleration. Other then that I must be lucky because all that other stuff "squeeks and poping noise" included is non existant. I admit though I did get noises after pulling the car apart to install a full system, but after a week of putting up with the noise i took the car apart again and made sure everything was seated correctly and the problems are gone.


Then again i've also have had the car for over 3 months and just barely have over 2,000 miles on it, so i guess i'm not out of the woods yet.

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I have only had a few problems with my Subie so far (2600 miles)

1. Passenger light burnt out at 2000 miles, dealership replaced it no problems.

2. The sunroof slider rattles sometimes when its open but the sunroof is not.

3. I still get the "break in smell" as the dealership called it. (and I have an AT not the MT)

4. Steering wheel lock/wont let you turn the key if the steering wheel is just a bit off... (only had this problem 2 times, and I had to jiggle the steering wheel while turning the key at the same time, annoying, but not a problem)

5. I get the "drift/pull" to the right which is very annoying :S

EDIT - 6. I also get a lot of hesitation when accelerating(even when in sportshift mode), but I would assume that is from the AT? Could be wrong. Does anyone know about this, I am not sure if it would be considered as studdering either :S


Other than that, everything has been great. Car is very quiet and solid. Not the first Subie I have ridden in, and I have never heard of things like this before. Not saying that it isnt happening mind you, just that I havent heard it before.

*side note, I am VERY anal about noises in my car... not even the motorhome rattles when going down the road. Dishes, pots, cups, everything, is secured in place and the only noise you get is road and engine noise, but hey... its an 88 motorhome so you get that... but you expect rattles and people about fall over when they ride in it... they are like "WOW" this is very quiet.)

Hope that things get better for you man. Check into the lemon laws and such :S GL bro...

If I pass you on the right, I'm flipping you off.
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It's no real big deal....squeeks and rattles can be fixed...i'm not going to get rid of my subaru or anything. It would probably be more of the road i live on than anything..i need to move =) ..somewhere where it snows a lot heh. Subaru is usually good about fixing things so just keep the pressure on them and you'll be alright
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Have you or the dealer taken apart any of the dash area? Have you had any stereo or dealership parts installed on the car? I haven't heard of anyone having this many problems on the interior. How long did the dealer have the car before your purchase? How many miles did it have on it prior to delivery? Something seems very strange about that many loose panels and such.
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Hey guys, thx for the support. Yeah, I think I got one of the worst LGT's of 2005.


The car was at the port for a while, which I leaned after the first time I took it in for the alignment. The service manager recalled that it may have been at the port. I wonder if it was in a batch that was suspect and they had to rework something. This is just speculation, but the build date is 8/04, so not sure if that has anything to do with it.


Forgot to mention that when I took the car in for the first alignment and rattles the dealer dented my driver side rear fender. It's not too bad but the negative experience just keeps growing. I seriously want an 06. The service manager said he would call in 1.5 weeks, well 1.5 weeks was 3 weeks ago.. I haven't wanted to deal till now because I've been busy and I'm building my case.


I think I am being reasonable about everything - maybe my ears are good, I don't know.


I'll call and mail SOA this weekend. Will post an update later.

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Good deal, but I don't think our cars come from the port since they are built in Indiana. Maybe it was at the lot? Mine sat for a year before I bought it, but it still had the plastic wrapping on, and it smells new. I have not had many issues with it, just a couple here and there. Tuesday will be my first service department experience.



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