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356 HP 6 speed manual V8 powered BH

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This build has taken over a year and a wheelbarrow full of cash to complete but it's finally finished. Actually a project car is never really finished, but my dream of having an LS powered wagon is finally a reality. I never expected this to be an easy swap, but it turned out to be far more extensive than I was prepared for. The end result is awesome to say the least. The car is now RWD and has 375lb-ft of torque on tap. To say that it's fun to drive is a colossal understatement.


I'll stop talking and start posting pictures. I'm looking forward to the comments, compliments, criticisms and questions. :icon_mrgr












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To say I am jealous is an understatement, you have one heck of a sleeper car there. I'd hate to be the guy in the riced out honda that pulls up next to you. lol. Sick swap, major props! Also, was there any major problems that you ran into during this swap?
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So this was a GTO engine/transmission swap? Just curious if you'll have any issues passing smog? Rough estimate of cost?


Haven't crossed the smog bridge yet....

I'll post a detailed breakdown of the build later, but the engine and trans cost me $7K off ebay. That was over a year ago. I think you could do much better now.

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moar pics.





















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Rough estimate of cost?


Like I said, it was a boat load of cash, however I have NO regrets. As promised here is the build sheet (not including the engine and trans).


Victor V8 Build List


New Positive Terminal $17

New Battery $85

Koyo Radiator $250

Rear Hub/Bearing Assemblies L + R $375

Custom Aluminum Driveshaft $800

Moroso Coolant Reservior + Fab Mod $265

Hurst Shifter Box $145

Oil Pan Gasket $15

Oil Filter Re-locator/lines $165

Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator $108

Custom Clutch Line $65

Driveshaft Shop Custom Axles/Hubs $1,825

r180 Rear Diff $450

Replacement Coil Pack $110

Front 02 Sensors x 2 $190

GT Spec Ball Joint Kit $359

Lower Factory Ball Joints $76

New AC Compressor $375

Tach Divider Box $65

A/C Sensor + Pigtails $55

Catlytic Converters x 2 $365

Radiator Fan Shroud $195

K&N Intake Kit $375

Hood Pins $80

Custom Oil Pan $775

New Motor Mounts $295

Transmission Mount Bushing $25

Steering rack bushings $40Air Conditioning Low Pressure Hose $65

Air Conditioning High Pressure Hose $85

Walboro 255 Fuel Pump $78

OEM Fuel Pump Assembly $350

3 Replacement Idlers and Tensioner $135

Stainless Steel Clutch Lines $110

Perrin Coolant Reservior $105

OEM Clutch Kit and Flywheel $635

Tilton Clutch Master Cylinder $145.00

Clutch Fluid Resevior + Fittings $65.00




Base Labor $8,320

Remanufactured Steering Rack $250

ECU Re-Flash $85

Modify Koyo Radiator -

Hood Pin Install -

Custom Shifter $120

Core Support Labor -

Tail Light Install $80

Crossmember Powder Coating $250

Church Automotive Dyno-Tune $500

Clutch Replacement Labor $640



Fire Sleeving -

A/C Line Labor + Additional Material $185

Custom Power Steering Lines/fittings $210

E40 ECM Pigtail $90

Engine Oil x 2 $75Coolant $24

Transmission Fluid $48

Rear Diff Fluid $12

Coolant Hose/Fittings $95

Material for all Fabrication $400

Exhaust Material/Flanges $550

Shipping Charge $10

Freon $45


Parts $9,718

Labor $10,245

Material $1,744

Build Total $21,707


Items with no price were not charged.

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So, add in $7K for engine/trans, $6K for donor car, and it's $35K.


Did you ever think about just buying at CTS-V wagon? :lol:


You're right about everything (including considering a CTS-V wagon) except the donor car part. I bought this car new in 1999. I've put 169K miles on it and it was getting tired. I was going to trade it in when I bought a new BMW in 2012, but the dealer insulted me with a $500 offer. That's when I decided to do the swap. Had I know it was going to cost this much I probably wouldn't have done it BUT, now that I have done it - it was worth every penny. In fact, I'm going to spend MORE money on it when I upgrade the suspension with coilovers and the brakes with a big brake kit. I'm sure there will be more modification after that.


Once you start trying to justify or rationalize the cost of a project you just kill all the joy of it. There are plenty of other cars I could have bought for $29K. None of them could put the smile on my face like my trusty old Subaru does when I spank unsuspecting drivers in "superior" cars. :eek::cool:


Oh, and BTW, you should see the looks on people faces when I open the hood! They trip out! I LOVE it!

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So was there any point to this? Or did you just have a bunch of money laying around and say hmm im gonna throw this engine in my wagon lol! Def an awesome swap, but any plans to track it? I would think it would be an interesting ride haha


04 JBP STI (sold)

07 DGM Legacy GT (RIP)


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