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DOHCEJ22E1's 98 2.5GT Limited

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Looks good!


Your choice of wording is a little odd..."partner"??

Hahahaha!!! I knew someone would catch that! But yeah, I spend a lot of time in this thing. If I'm not at home sleeping, I'm either at school working on it or on the road.


I just ordered a WRX 2.25 to 2.5in N1 exhaust for it & I'm trying to fabricate an intake for it but so far, I've just come up with theories. I meant to buy a more direct intake but I cancelled the order to learn if I can buy the parts needed at AAP/AZ...

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I've since added a hybrid intake, installed an "EJ22D", installed that WRX catback by fitting it with a custom exhaust pipe to mate it with the stock cats (though it will be removed this month), installed FWD & Power Mode switches, & just kept it in good shape overall. The center grille is now white instead of black btw. Those are old pics.
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Here is the story.

May 5th. 2011 is when I first purchased the car from a man in East Haddam after several months of looking after my return from North Carolina.

I had been specifically looking for a GT after having owned 2 Ls & an Outback (which I did not keep for very long.)

The first L was by far my favorite as I had done the most to it as well as it being a major part of what got me & my ex-wife around.




After my divorce, the car was sold off to someone who put 3 spoke chrome rims on it, jacked it up w/Outback suspension, rebuilt the 22E, & sold off all of the other mods I had put into it.


During that time, I also had a dark red 98 L 5spd that I had bolted DOHC heads & corresponding hardware on & it was a very fun car to drive.

I won't talk about the Outback since it was a super piece of s**t & that is why you see the L looks the way it does.


Anyways, onto the white GT.

I had always wanted a GT to see how much better it was but back then, they were still going for over $4k & that was a lot of money for a me as a tech student at the time.

I couldn't believe it when I finally found this one but the guy told me that if he swapped in a new engine, he would charge me $5k instead of $1700, so I jumped at the offer.









At some point after I got the car, I got bored with the grille & painted it black for hahas. I didn't think I'd like it but I did, so I left it for a long while. I removed the foglights also since they had gotten real nasty on the insides to the point of no return.





I had done the hybrid intake, knowing full well that I wouldn't be able to return it back to normal afterwards, decided that it was best for the car, & kept it the way it is to this day.



Maybe a day later, I ordered UEL headers & a catback (that for some reason, does not get along with the midpipe I had welded for it).




The ticking that was evident when I first got the car had grown to a large knocking sound by September from May, & I knew that the 25D was on it's last stroke of luck. Luckily, broknindarkagain's advice of putting heavier weight oil in it to prolong it's operation worked well all the way to point of explosion.


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The engine did explode in a very dramatic manner as I was bringing it home from a city about 20 miles from where I live & since I wasn't into the tow truck fees, I decided to just "wing it". These EJs are very tough. Even though the 25D blew a rod right through the block (Rod #3), it could STILL start & move the car with a good amount of force. I still consider them VERY inferior to the EJ22E in everything but displacement. The next few pics will be of the teardown process.






Damn near split the coolant pipe...



Head removal...








As you can see, the head gaskets were done before I got the car but the constant overheating & the oil/coolant mix had already done the bearings in, so if you have an EJ25D that has a head gasket leak & it's been compromised by the oil/coolant acid, it's time to replace the engine.



After this, I realized that it would take me a while to get what I need to rebuild the engine, so the car sat from October 2011 to July/August 2012, when a trip to the casino would yield what I needed to create an engine for it.

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On the urge that I absolutely HAD to have another EJ22 no matter what, I took the money I won, bought a 1995 EJ22E & began spending it on a combo of EJ22E & EJ25D parts as well as other modifications to get this engine running right.







Victor Reinz EJ222 head gasket on 25D head...



The 22E engine that I picked up had 100k miles on it & it was in excellent condition.

The cylinder walls still had a decent amount of hone on them, so I knew the block was good to go for the conversion.

After inspecting the 25D heads, I concluded that they were good to go too so I began the process of mating the heads w/the block.

11mm 257 oil pump & 25D water pump on 22E block...



25D heads bolted on 22E block...



Ready to go...



In the car...


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After the EJ22 was put together, I gave it a regimen of tests & found that I made a few mistakes upon assembling it, one of them being that I did not seal the gaskets properly. I have since fixed my issues & found that the EJ22 that was built operates on a far higher smoothness than any 25D I've had. At the cost of power (maybe 15-20bhp down from a 25D at best) & lack of low-end TQ, the engine makes up for that by delivering smooth freeway power & MPGs I don't think I've ever been able to pull out of a Subaru before (it now gets over 28city/33+highway).


Eventually, I got bored with the black grille after seeing how popular it was & decided that I wanted to paint it white...


The car has the following mods:

UEL headers.

WRX catback exhaust.

MSD ignition coil.

FWD switch.

Power mode switch.

Phenolic intake manifold spacers.

Hybrid intake assembly.

I haven't done too much to it since it's revival but there will be more along the way.


What the car looked like last year.







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For one, that's a really spectacular rod failure, wow. It looks like the cap came off.


But ... why ever did you put dohc heads on the 2.2 block? That lowers the compression way down. All you had to do was get an obd2 2.2 intake manifold for it, and then it's a direct swap into your car with the 2.2 longblock. That's the beauty of phase1, a 2.2 with an obd2 intake manifold bolted to it is a 100% direct swap. No need to deal with the horrid dohc heads, and no gain from dealing with them.


Just read what year the ej22 you got was.

95 ej22 is the best year, too. It has the dual port heads, obd2 intake manifold, and egr. it's a 100% direct swap in. Why did you do put the dohc heads on it?!?

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The full compression ratio is low enough for turbocharging, which is my main reason for building this hybrid, and high enough for normal driving.

The compression ratio is about 9.4:1

It's definitely not 22T low.

There are gains to be had from the DOHC heads for sure but nothing that concerns low-end TQ! Lol! (This engine makes power where a SOHC 22E would be gasping for air.)


The 22E I purchased did not have EGR on it & my car is an auto & I needed it immediately, so I had to use the DOHC heads for that reason also.

Also, because of the DOHC heads, the MPGs are phenomenal but the supporting mods also help with that.

It also runs a lot smoother than my first Subaru's 22E ever did or could.

SOHC engines run a little more harsh by nature of design.

It will be turbocharged in time but I'm just setting the pieces into place for that day.

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Engine: 2212cc

Bore: 97mm

Stroke: 75mm

Head Gasket: 0.8mm

Piston Dish: -12cc

Deck Height: -0.012

Head Chamber: 46.6cc


These numbers calculated yield a 9.4-5ish:1 compression ratio.


Power is more than a regular 22E & it's pushed farther up & stretched, producing a 25D-like powerband w/none of the 25D's weaknesses.

To be fair to the 25D, if it weren't for head gasket issues, it would probably be just as reliable as the 2.2 variants.

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Well thats a good looking GT. Now I have a stupid question for you all...the WRX catback fits the legs? I want one so bad, but only if I get headers and keep my cats



No, the WRX catbacks are shorter than our legacys by about a foot & a half & the hangers are all in the wrong spots except the muffler. It takes a fair bit of work to get it to fit right. I'm about to take mine off & go back to stock...

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Ah, how do you like the sound of it on the gt? I want to build mine up a little bit but slowly.


Ive been struggling on the jdm fog mounts (sadly). Ill keep tabs on your car, i like how it turned out


The WRX exhaust unit that I have makes a very nice "grumble" when I start the car & for the most part, stays relatively tame at low throttle (street driving) but if I floor it, it releases a nice, booming growl. I'm thinking of putting the stock exhaust back on though.


Thanks! I like the way it turned out too but there is always more that needs to be done. My next few mods will be focused on the brakes & then I'll work my way up to the suspension.

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