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WARNING: 06 WRX lip on an 05 LGT inside!


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That's right, I finally decided I was going to try and fit an 06 WRX front lip on my legacy. So I went on ebay and found the cheapest lip that I could, $67 shipped to my door. It definately took some prodding and it is not a perfect fit, but I think that for a lot of people this will be a much cheaper solution! There are two main problems that came up, first the lip is about 1-1/2" too long on the ends, so they will need to be trimmed off. Second, the center raised section does not cover the whole length of our bumper. For now I have the remnants of my DIY lip stuck in there, but I plan to try and heat the corners up and mold them up to fit. I have not had a chance to heat any of it up to try and mold it better but I will do that tonight or very soon. Anyways, on to the pics (sorry, but it is super foggy out today)...


Update: I have attached finished pics as well as pics showing how is looks without modification.











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Did a little heating of the lip last night, I think I got one corner to match up pretty well, but will probably require some epoxy filler and paint to look perfect. Unless you really get down level with it, you can barely see the gaps.
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Hell of a lot better than what I was expecting when I read the title of this thread. Well done.


Coilovers! Now! :lol:


Thanks, I am acually working on getting some suspension right now, bilsteins with ralliteks though. The roads around here are not condusive to coilovers.

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Damn, that looks freakin awesome for something $67 shipped that doesn't fit.


I can't wait to see the finished product with the suspension done. :p

I'm probably the only person that has Wu-Tang Clan and Paul McCartney on their mp3.:p
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Dude, your title is INTENSE! LOL


Great job though, in for the finished product. The only reason why I haven't bought a lip is because I can't justify spending 200 for a lip that I might smash(huge speed humps by my house). If they're only $60 bucks though...not as bad.

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I purchased the lip from the seller "d1performance", but this should work with any s204 style lip for the 06-07 WRX. I took some more pictures today, you can see the gap on the left side. I heated up the right side and put more screws in to hold it there.









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