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JDM "M5" style Factory Subaru lip spoiler...

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Wife loves it, I even got some brownie points in writing. (thats the only way when you're married) at any rate, easy installation, just enough for the rear of the car, and offers so much downforce it allows a Legacy to drive upside down in the windtunnel at 180 mph;)


I like it, I need your feedback.



















Myles Williams






Racecomp Engineering LLC.

9123 Old Annapolis Rd Suite 103w

Columbia, Maryland 21044



410-730-5503 FAX

410-707-0108 mobile

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It is very subtle. From a distance i am very hard pressed to even notice it. Personally i would want something a little larger....but its nice.


Wjat I am feeling from you is that I need better real world pics to show it in regular situations,....lol


Yeah, the one picture is on such a background that its swallowed.


More pictures coming up !!


Ps. I like silver cars in the evening sun anyway, thats when it looked its best last night.



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love it! very subtle. can you tell me if it would fit on a jetta gls sedan '03? and what's the cost
258k miles - Stock engine/minor suspension upgrades/original shocks/rear struts replaced at 222k/4 passenger side wheel bearings/3 clutches/1 radiator/3 turbos
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This style of subtle trunk spoiler is the best thing you can put on a luxury performance sedan, IMHO. I was sold years ago when my old boss put something identical on his Audi A6. It was so minimal, but you couldn't argue how classy it looked. I also see a lot of tuned 3-Series around with this kind of spoiler and they look sweet.
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Sticky tape! I that thing came off in a car wash or when cleaning off snow I'd be very pissed. Esp. since tape kind of looses it's adhesiveness in the cold.


Here's a link to my install story.

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I prefer the super clean ass of the legacy as is. although if you molded that to the trunk i would be sold. but after my last car im not dumping tons $$$ into mods like that anymore. rather have some volks and a good suspension. doesn't look bad and its nice for what it is, but for me it would have to be molded.








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