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GENERAL REFERENCE (Terms, Model Codes, etc)

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Part 1: General Subaru & Legacy Info


Considering there are generally many questions, what body style is what, what did this model contain, yada, yada, here is some info to explain things. It will be updated as time presents itself and details become available. I will do my best to explain info. If something somehow seems inaccurate, feel free to voice.


Basic Terminology & Acronyms

4EAT – Four Speed Electronic Automatic Transmission

5MT – Five Speed Manual Transmission

5EAT – Five Speed Electronic Automatic Transmission (includes Sportshift)

6MT – Six Speed Manual Transmission

ABS – Anti-lock Braking System

AT – Automatic Transmission

ATF – Automatic Transmission Fluid

AutoX – Autocross

AVCS – Active Valve Control Sysem

AVLS – Active Valve Lift System

AWD – All Wheel Drive

BHP – Brake HorsePower (measured BEFORE transmission)

BOV – Blow Off Valve

CAI – Cold Air Intake

Cat – Catalytic Convertor

CEL – Check Engine Light

CF – Carbon Fiber

CO2 – Carbon Dioxide

Diff – Differential

DOHC – Dual Overhead Camshaft

EBC – Electonic Boost Controller

ECT - Electronically Controlled Transmission

ECU – Electronic Control Unit (engine control unit)

EFI – Electronic Fuel Injection

EG – Subaru 6-cylinder engines (up through mid to late 90’s)

EG33 – Subaru 3.3 litre 6-cylinder engine code (SVX)

EJ – Subaru 4-cylinder engines (early 90’s and newer)

EJ20 – Subaru 2.0 litre 4-cylinder engine code

EJ205 – Subaru 2.0 litre turbo engine (US WRX)

EJ22 – Subaru 2.2 litre 4-cylinder engine code

EJ25 – Subaru 2.5 litre 4-cylinder engine code

EJ255 – Subaru 2.5 litre turbo engine (US Forester XT, Baja Turbo)

EJ257 – Subaru 2.5 litre turbo engine (US WRX STi)

EZ – Subaru 6-cylinder engines (post EG series H6 engines)

EZ30R – Subaru 3.0 litre 6-cylinder engine code (BL/BP Legacy and new Outback)

FDR - Final Drive Ratio

FMIC – Front Mount Intercooler

FWD – Front Wheel Drive

H4 – Horizontally Opposed 4 cylinder (boxer)

H6 – Horizontally Opposed 6 cylinder

HID – High Intensity Discharge (headlights)

JDM – Japanese Domestic Market

LSD – Limited Slip Differential

MAF – Mass Air-Flow Sensor

MAP – Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor

MBC – Manual Boost Controller

MIL – Malfunction Indicator Lamp (CEL)

MT – Manual Transmission

MY – Model Year

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

RallyX – Rallycross

RWD – Rear Wheel Drive

SOA – Subaru Of America

SOHC – Single Overhead Camshaft

TMIC – Top Mount Intercooler

TT – Twin Turbo

UDP – Under Drive Pulley

VDC – Vehicle Dynamic Control

VIN – Vehicle Identification Number

VTD – Variable Torque Distibution

WHP – Wheel HorsePower

WOT – Wide Open Throttle

Thanks to Uncle Meat of the Cobb Tuning WRXForum.com



JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Info:

Twin-Turbo: This is one of the most loosely used term. Everyone wants a twin-turbo because Japan has had it. It was a sequential setup with one turbo used for the low end, while a larger turbo was used for the high end. However, it wasn’t the most optimal solution being its cost, complexity, and between the 1st to 2nd turbo transition, there was a decent dip in power. It has been proven that other solutions are more cost-effective and produce better results in general.


More on turbo tech below.


B4: The term used for sedan since the 1998 model year.


B4 RSK: The name given to the turbocharged sport Legacy Sedan in the 1998 to 2002 model years. Remember, Japan has been even further ahead in model changes. They receive their models 2 model years (or MY) ahead of the U.S.


Note: Previous to the BE-generation B4 RSK, the sedan turbo models were called ‘RS’.


GTB: The name given to the turbocharged sport Legacy Wagon in the 1993 to 2002 model years that used the sportier Bilstein suspension.


S401: The ONLY STi production Legacy to date. This 2003 BE sedan model was produced in a short-run and were rather expensive. It contained much gear from the current year Impreza STi though mostly in drivetrain and brakes. It still retained a sequential twin-turbo setup though with a few more ponies. It also received some suspension modifications including Bilstein struts along with BBS 18x7” wheels.



Body Styles (by USDM MY):


BC (1990-1994)

BD (1995-1999)

BE (2000-2004)

BL (2005-2009)



BF (1990-1994)

BG (1995-1999)

BH (2000-2004)

BP (2005-2009)


Turbochargers for USDM models:

Mitsubishi TD04 - USDM Impreza 2.0L WRX, 2.5L WRX, Forester XT, Baja Turbo


IHI VF40 - USDM BL/BP Legacy 2.5GT, Outback XT

(All are water cooled and use a thrust bearing design, not ball-bearing.)

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Could you add OEM to your basic acronyms and terminology reference list? What does it stand for? I know it probably refers to something like original manufacturer equipment but I am not sure.

2005 Legacy GT Wagon Ltd 5EAT Garnet Red :cool:

1999 GTI VR6 Black - sold but not forgotten... :(

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Recently, people have been voicing confusion about forum references to color codes, and 3-letter abreviated color names. So, I put together a small table for reference.


Axis008 Posted a 2006MY product matrix in another thread (view post here.)


Using that matrix, I have assembled the following table, but noticed that Subaru has 3 letter designations for the colors, too, and they are not simply the first letters of the name.


So, I have included the common LegacyGT.com abbreviations that we typically use (non-official), as well as the official SOA (Subaru of America) abbreviations, AND the color codes, which are used to identify the color on the build tag, and are used to order color-matched painted parts.


NOTE: the board doesn't seem to maintain spacing, and adding "-" doesn't seem very consistent, but hopefully it is legible.


Color-----------------------LGT.com ------- SOA abbrev.------Numeric Code

Obsidian Black Pearl ---- OBP ------------- BLK -------------- 2J

Satin White Pearl --------- SWP ----------- WHI ------------- 7J

Brilliant Silver Metallic -- BSM ------------ SIL -------------- 9D

Titanium Silver Metallic - TSM ------------ SXV -------------- 8E

Garnet Red Pearl --------- GRP ------------ RED ------------- 3J

Regal Blue Pearl --------- RBP ------------- BDR ------------- 5J

Atlantic Blue Pearl ------- ABP ------------- BLU ------------- 3A


--Additional Outback-specific Colors and Combinations

Champagne Gold Opal --- CGO ------------ GLD ------------ 9J

Willow Green Opal/

Moss Green Metallic ----- WGO? ----------- GRM ----------- U5

Brilliant Silver Metallic/

Granite Gray Opal -------- GGO? ---------- SLV ------------- K3


--Other Subie Colors (not on Leg/OB matrix)

World Rally Blue ----------- WRB ------------ ??? ------------ ??

San Remo Red ------------- SRR

Sedona Red Pearl (old) ---- SRP

Java Black Metallic -------- JBM

Solid Red ------------------- SR


-feel free to add to the table... Hope this helps.

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7AA Legacy Sedan i MT5 2.5

7AB Legacy Sedan i 4EAT 2.5 -S

7AC Legacy Sedan i SE MT5 2.5

7AD Legacy Sedan i SE 4EAT 2.5 -S

7AE Legacy Sedan i LTD 4EAT 2.5-S

7AH Legacy Sedan 2.5GT LTD MT5

7AI Legacy Sedan 2.5GT LTD 5EAT-S

7AJ Legacy Sedan 2.5GT LTD NAVI

7AS Legacy Sedan 2.5GT Spec. B 6M

7BA Legacy Wagon i MT5 2.5

7BB Legacy Wagon i SE 4EAT 2.5 -S

7BC Legacy Wagon i LTD 4EAT 2.5-S

7BH Legacy Wagon 2.5 GT LTD 5EAT-S

7CA Outback Sedan 2.5i Limited 4EA

7CB Outback Sedan LLBean 3.0R 5EAT

7CC Outback Sedan LLBean NAVI 3.0R

7DA Outback Wagon 2.5 i Basic 5MT

7DB Outback Wagon 2.5 i Basic 4EAT

7DC Outback Wagon 2.5i 5MT

7DD Outback Wagon 2.5 i 4EAT-S

7DE Outback Wagon 2.5 i Ltd 4EAT-S

7DH Outback Wagon 2.5XT Ltd 5MT

7DI Outback Wagon 2.5XT Ltd 5EAT-

7DJ Outback Wagon 2.5XT Ltd NAVI

7DK Outback Wagon 2.5i LLBean NAVI

7DL Outback Wagon 2.5i Ltd LLBean

7DM Outback Wagon H6-3.0 R LLB 5EA

7DN Outback Wagon H6-3.0 R LLB NAV

7FA Forester X FAWD MT5 2.5

7FB Forester X FAWD 4EAT 2.5

7FC Forester X MT5 2.5 Premium Pack

7FD Forester X 4EAT 2.5 Premium Pack

7FE Forester X Cross Sports MT5

7FF Forester X Cross Sports 4EAT

7FG Forester X LL Bean 4EAT

7FH Forester Cross Sports MT5 2.5

7FI Forester Cross Sports 4EAT 2.5

7FJ Forester XT MT5 2.5 Turbo LTD

7FK Forester XT 4EAT 2.5 Turbo LTD

7JA Impreza Sedan 2.5i 5MT

7JB Impreza Sedan 2.5i 4EAT

7JC Impreza Sedan WRX TR 5MT

7JD Impreza Sedan WRX 5MT

7JE Impreza Sedan WRX Limited

7JF Impreza Sedan WRX Limited I 5M

7JG Impreza Sedan WRX Limited 4EAT

7JH Impreza Sedan WRX Limited I 4EAT

7JI STI 6MT - Alloy Wheel Gold

7JJ STI 6MT - Alloy Wheel Silver

7JK STI 6MT - Limited

7JN Impreza Sedan 2.5i SE

7JO Impreza Sedan 2.5i SE 4EAT

7LA Impreza Wagon 2.5i 5MT

7LB Impreza Wagon 2.5i 4EAT

7LC Impreza Wagon WRX 5MT

7LE Impreza Wagon WRX Limited 5MT

7LF Impreza Wagon WRX Limited I 5M

7LG Impreza Wagon WRX Limited 4EAT

7LH Impreza Wagon WRX Limited I 4EAT

7LK Impreza Outback Sport MT5 2.5

7LL Impreza Outback Sport 4EAT 2.5

7LM Impreza Outback Sport SE MT5

7LN Impreza Outback Sport SE 4EAT

7TA B9 Tribeca - 5SEAT Fabric

7TB B9 Tribeca - 5SEAT Limited- G

7TC B9 Tribeca - 5SEAT Limited - B

7TD B9 Tribeca - 5SEAT Limited/NAV- G

7TE B9 Tribeca - 5SEAT Limited/NAV- B

7TH B9 Tribeca - 7SEAT Fabric

7TI B9 Tribeca - 7SEAT Limited - G

7TJ B9 Tribeca - 7SEAT Limited - B

7TK B9 Tribeca - 7SEAT Limited/NAV- G

7TL B9 Tribeca - 7SEAT Limited/NAV- B

7TM B9 Tribeca - 7S-LTRAUD/DVD/NAV- G

7TN B9 Tribeca - 7S-LTRAUD/DVD/NAV- B


MT5: 5 speed manual

5EAT-S: 5 speed automatic with sport shift

4EAT-S: 4 speed automatic with sport shift

5EAT: 5 speed automatic

4EAT: 4 speed automatic

SE: Special Edition (base model+power driver seat+moonroof)

NAVI: Navigation System

LTD: Limited (base model+leather+power seats+moonroof+dual zone climate+upgraded stero)


Model Code Key

The codes change every model year

First Spot: The "7" USUALLY means the model year (ex; 7 = 2007).

Second Spot: The letter after the 7 denotes the body style by car (ex LEGACY Wagon is a "B" while OUTBACK wagon is a "D").

Third Spot: The last letter is actually alphanumeric. It starts with the least expensive model/trim/engine level in each different body style and goes up. It starts over at "A" with every body style.


Well I did this to the best of my ability. Hope I didn't for anything. This above list is a list of all the Subarus SOA is importing to the states. However, this does not mean that all these cars are available in all regions of the the U.S. For example in New England the least expensive Legacy you can buy is a "Special Edition" model. Because of the minuscule price gap between and SE and a base model. Subaru of New England decided to only import SEs. I can't speak for other parts of the nation because I simply don't know but please feel free to add more info. Once again this is for the 2007 MY ONLY!

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Exterior Color.........................Interior Color........................Applicable Models

Regal Blue Pearl.....................Taupe Cloth/Leather...........................All

Obsidian Black Pearl................Black Cloth/Leather.........................All

Atlantic Blue Pearl...................Taupe Cloth/Leather........................All

Brilliant Silver Metallic..............Black Cloth/Leather.........................All

Satin White Pearl....................Taupe Cloth/Leather.......................All

Garnet Red Pearl.....................Black Leather.................................GTs only

Titanium Silver Metallic..............Red Leather.................................spec B only


Above is a list of what SOA is importing to the states for the 2006 MY year only. Just because its on the list doesn't mean is eaisly available. For exmaple you have a much better chance of finding/buying a spec B then a Satin White GT with Taupe Leather.

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-Minor Price increases across the model line up


-4 cylinder horsepower now 175 (up from 168).


-deleted dash mounted illumination button. When headlamps are turned on the dash illumination remains the same, unless otherwise adjusted by control panel located to the left of the bottom of the steering column.


-different font on gauges


-passenger side air bag activation lamp now only located at center of headliner and windshield meet


-only on manual transmission GTs, in gauge cluster word "Legacy" is now red (vs white in 05)


-17" alloy with low profile tire is standard on all models, center caps on rims now show the Subaru logo rather then the word "Subaru"


-"blacked" headlights deleted for an all chrome housing


-key less entry "unlock" button has a slightly different shape


-lower emissions exhaust system


-Immobilizer key standard on all models


-Wood grain trim deleted on some models with taupe interiors


-Air Filtration system standard on all models


-Larger front disc brake (vs 2005) standard for non-GT models


-Base cloth model GT has been deleted which means all GT models are GT Limited with leather and sunroof etc.


-Manual transmission has been deleted on 2.5i Limited and GT Limited wagon, you can still get a manual transmission on the GT sedan, 2.5i or 2.5i SE models.


-New 2.5i Special Edition SE model available in both transmissions and in wagon or sedan form. SE package includes; 8 way power driver's seat, and glass sunroof.


-Navigation system now optional on GT Limited sedan with automatic transmission.


-Limited production GT spec.B includes everything a limited GT would offer plus; Numbered Plaque(500 only), manual transmission only, upgraded stereo with MP3, only 1 exterior color Titanium Silver metallic, only 1 interior color, Brick Red Leather, Bilstein Sport Suspension, Aluminum Alloy rear suspension arms and upper links, 18x7" 10 spoke alloy wheels with 215/45 Bridgestone Potenza RE050A low profile tires, aerodynamic side ground effects with chrome trimmed rocker panels , 3spoke MOMO leather wrapper steering wheel with audio controls(only manual and/or turbo Subaru to offer radio controls mounted on steering wheel). aluminum alloy pedal covers, standard navigation system (only manual transmission Subaru to offer navigation), spec.B floor mats


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San Remo Red color code = 22G


Can you add F4 = Flat Four = Flat 4 cylinder layout (Boxer). H4 isnt really used by Subaru. And there are a lot of WRX clubs called F4 (SoCal F4, Arizona F4, Vegas F4, Florida F4, New England F4, New Jersey F4)...the LGT could easily use this designation.

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San Remo Red color code = 22G


Can you add F4 = Flat Four = Flat 4 cylinder layout (Boxer). H4 isnt really used by Subaru. And there are a lot of WRX clubs called F4 (SoCal F4, Arizona F4, Vegas F4, Florida F4, New England F4, New Jersey F4)...the LGT could easily use this designation.




Subaru almost always references its engines as "boxer" or "horizontally opposed", and when it does use alphanumerics it's H# (as on the SVX engine cover - H6). I don't think I've ever seen Subaru use a F# designation.


2006 Legacy GT Ltd · 2011 Outback 3.6R Ltd · 1992 SVX

2006 Outback 3.0R VDC · 2009 Forester 2.5X

2002 Outback VDC · 1996 Outback 2.5L · 1986 GL-10

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In researching performance suspension upgrades for my MY00 GT wagon, I have come across "B12" and have no idea what this refers to. ??

I usually come across the "BH6" designation, which I understand refers to my frame type.

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In researching performance suspension upgrades for my MY00 GT wagon, I have come across "B12" and have no idea what this refers to. ??

I usually come across the "BH6" designation, which I understand refers to my frame type.


B12 is the chassis code while BH6 is the body code.


2006 Legacy GT Ltd · 2011 Outback 3.6R Ltd · 1992 SVX

2006 Outback 3.0R VDC · 2009 Forester 2.5X

2002 Outback VDC · 1996 Outback 2.5L · 1986 GL-10

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I'm trying to get some Tein H techs for my Legacy but there is some conflict with the chassis code. My car is a 2003 Legacy 2.0i (JDM model) with a BL5 chassis code but everywhere I check I hear they only have the springs for the BL9 (USDM model). I don't want to spend the money only to find out the springs wont work.

Does anyone know if there really is a difference?

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Can someone tell me exactly what L7 refers to? Thanks!
Like others I am not 100 percent sure, but it has to do with the Subaru emblem... SIX stars... I guess the Subaru Legacy is the 7th (seventh) star.


The "L 7" emblem is basically an "L" intertwined with an upside down L ("7")


Basically following WWII six companies were merged to form Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) the parent company of Subaru.


Someone help me out here ???

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