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GENERAL REFERENCE (Terms, Model Codes, etc)

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I got mine for my 2001 BE off eBay. After I won the auction I received an email with the file attached. It's better than a book in my opinion because you can do a keyword search to skip to part you're looking for.


Looks like they have one for 05'-09': http://m.ebay.com/itm/SUBARU-LEGACY-2004-2009-OFFICIAL-FACTORY-SERVICE-REPAIR-MANUAL-PDF-FAST-SEND-/262760320809?hash=item3d2dbc4f29%3Ag%3AyO0AAOSwe-FU%7EQc9&_trkparms=pageci%253A7f06c6c8-d837-11e6-856d-005056b6719e%257Cparentrq%253A8f16d29c1590a624b8e146e8ffc13648%257Ciid%253A2


Thanks for the link. Is the PDF have diagram's like so? I'm after specifically a EDM one in hopes to finding the specific part numbers, so I can go to the parts places while living hear in Europe and inquire about the specific part.


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Hello everyone, I was on japanparts & I couldn't determine if my bl(legacy sedan) is A-C or D-F, I couldn't find any info on this, if any one can clarify that fire me it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance


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Here you go link

A-C = 05-07

D-F = 08-09


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