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GENERAL REFERENCE (Terms, Model Codes, etc)

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I usually come across the "BH6" designation, which I understand refers to my frame type.
"BH6" is part of your VIN. The "B" means Legacy, "H"=Third Generation Legacy Wagon (2000-2004 in the US/CDN), and "6" means EJ25 (flat four boxer, 2.5 liter displacement)


I have no idea where you are getting your "B12" code from.

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I don't understand the "bump" concept. What does it mean? Sorry, I'm slow and I'm new.


Just a bunch of horny guys man... expressing their frustration err... satisfaction... they shouldn't "bump" like that on Internet forums. It's not polite.



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I need to know what is the meaning of the a warning light on my Legacy. I have uploaded a sketch and the URL is below.






<a href=http://img2.freeimagehosting.net/image.php?75b6697185.jpg><img src=http://img2.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/th.75b6697185.jpg alt="Free Image Hosting by FreeImageHosting.net"></a>


Thanks in advance!

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I get the LGT, what's the "CAN"? Canadian American Noob? Okay, not. I figure it has something to do with either tire presurre monitoring (doubtful) or stability control (more likely) since I've seen "can" referred to as something recently mandated in the USA. Both of those were recently mandated, me thinks. Its not the new CAFE standards as those are not yet mandated. Could be something to do with Californian something or another, but then somebody's lying since they said CAN was something mandated in the USA, nationally. Sure, Califronia's in the USA, but it ain't the whole the USA. So, what is CAN?



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I didn't see this one during my skimming, but I got a bill for $0 during warranty work saying that they reset my TPMS light.

Not sure if this should be added to this thread but its Tire Pressure Monitoring System… I think.

All the US cars have it but only the Spec B in Canada, from what I hear.

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Like others I am not 100 percent sure, but it has to do with the Subaru emblem... SIX stars... I guess the Subaru Legacy is the 7th (seventh) star.


The "L 7" emblem is basically an "L" intertwined with an upside down L ("7")


Basically following WWII six companies were merged to form Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) the parent company of Subaru.


Someone help me out here ???


the 7 stands for the 7 stars of pleiades or subaru in japan

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i didnt see at all anything about a 2002 subaru legacy L. is there any difference in the legacy gt and the legacy L? i need the full info.


Body style, suspension, trim, interior. just a few to mention


GOOGLE it or look up whats the difference in L vs. GT, theres alot that differs each other

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Recently, people have been voicing confusion about forum references to color codes, and 3-letter abreviated color names. So, I put together a small table for reference.


Axis008 Posted a 2006MY product matrix in another thread (view post here.)


Using that matrix, I have assembled the following table, but noticed that Subaru has 3 letter designations for the colors, too, and they are not simply the first letters of the name.


So, I have included the common LegacyGT.com abbreviations that we typically use (non-official), as well as the official SOA (Subaru of America) abbreviations, AND the color codes, which are used to identify the color on the build tag, and are used to order color-matched painted parts.


NOTE: the board doesn't seem to maintain spacing, and adding "-" doesn't seem very consistent, but hopefully it is legible.


Color-----------------------LGT.com ------- SOA abbrev.------Numeric Code

Obsidian Black Pearl ---- OBP ------------- BLK -------------- 2J

Satin White Pearl --------- SWP ----------- WHI ------------- 7J

Brilliant Silver Metallic -- BSM ------------ SIL -------------- 9D

Titanium Silver Metallic - TSM ------------ SXV -------------- 8E

Garnet Red Pearl --------- GRP ------------ RED ------------- 3J

Regal Blue Pearl --------- RBP ------------- BDR ------------- 5J

Atlantic Blue Pearl ------- ABP ------------- BLU ------------- 3A


--Additional Outback-specific Colors and Combinations

Champagne Gold Opal --- CGO ------------ GLD ------------ 9J

Willow Green Opal/

Moss Green Metallic ----- WGO? ----------- GRM ----------- U5

Brilliant Silver Metallic/

Granite Gray Opal -------- GGO? ---------- SLV ------------- K3


--Other Subie Colors (not on Leg/OB matrix)

World Rally Blue ----------- WRB ------------ ??? ------------ ??

San Remo Red ------------- SRR

Sedona Red Pearl (old) ---- SRP

Java Black Metallic -------- JBM

Solid Red ------------------- SR


-feel free to add to the table... Hope this helps.


The numeric codes are not quite right. E.g. ABP is 33A, GRP is 33J. It's true 05-06 codes all start with 3, but 2007+ do not.

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Since octane standards exists of different types I ran into the following table:


RON = Research Octane Test (Europe)

MON = Motor Octane Test

PON = Pump Octane Number (US), a.k.a. AKI.


RON          MON          PON (AKI)
  90         83           86.6
  92         85           88.5
  95         87           91
  96         88           92
  98         90           94
 100         91.5         95.8
 105         95          100
 110         99          104.5


Edited by ehsnils
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