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PGT's thoughts on the Legacy during a long road trip - rant and raves inside

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So, after nine hours and 650 miles in the car yesterday, I've realized a few things.


First - Subaru - learn how to make comfortable ****ing seats!!!! I thought it was just me.....my fiancee remarked how hard the seats are. First thing I'm doing on my return north is ordering some replacements.....there's no substitute for comfortable seats. :(


Second - the car is a capable high-speed tourer. Two kayaks strapped to the roof and a wagon full of camera gear, luggage and a wedding dress. We averaged 21 mpg and 80mph the whole way. Never did the car feel unstable or lacking for top-end passing power, despite a pair of 13.5' and 67lb Perception 'yaks on the roof. :icon_tong


Third.....I need to put fans on my amps under the floor.....the amp for the mids and highs was shutting down after about 5 hours of modest volume levels. :icon_mad:


Fourth....well.....I love the car even after my recent clutch troubles and suspension fun (more on that later once it's sorted).


Now...Back to your regular 'OMG I can't believe gas is so expensive!!!' rants. :lol::lol:

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Nice, yea a 3 hour trip for me and my arse got a bit uncomfortable. My GF complained about the seats being uncomfortable too but thought that it was just probably her small ass to blame. :lol:


I like the stockers, is it possible to add padding in the seat?

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WTF, were are you going that will net you 1500 more miles??


I can see Georgia from the beach. ;) Heading west to Vance next week....stopping by the BMW factory, then up to Asheville, NC. Maybe a side trip the the Dragon, before heading north to VA again.

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Agreed about the seats.

I took a 5 hour ski trip on Easter weekend and the seats made my back/ legs kill.



However, with the Yakima box on the roof, I felt really safe and secure with quick speed bursts up to 140 / 150. Except the wind noise at that speed had teh wife a little concerned.


She didn't want us to yard-sale the snowboards and equipment all over the freeway.

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Went to Destin, Florida on the panhandle from South Bend, Indiana. About 15 hrs. The seats are no where near as comfortable as my '94 Volvo 850 Turbo wagon's (most comfortable car seats I've ever sat in), but they're not the worst. I would rather have a firm seat than a overly cushy one. The Volvo struck the right balance.


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With apologies to Underdog.

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I did about 1100 miles over three days (Erie-Harrisburg-Philly-Southern Delaware-DC-Erie) a few weeks ago. I respectfully disagree about the seats. I found them comfortable enough and experienced no ill effects. Agree with PGT that "the car is a capable high-speed tourer". I love the car as much on the interstate as I do on a twisty country road.

05 SWP Legacy GT Limited (aka "Pearl")- 5MT AP - Stage 2 Protuned (238/284) - wife driven

07 BMW 335xi

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Hrm...I'm pretty sure we have a thread about the seats somewhere already, but...


Yes, they are not the greatest. I found them incredibly uncomfortable until I finally adjusted how sit in them. My last two cars, I essentially moved the seat all the way back (I'm 6'1') and tilted the back up so I'm sitting up straight. In the '05, I have found that sliding it forward some, raising the front of the seat all the way, tilting the backrest just slightly back and going about 50% on the lumbar makes a fairly comfortable ride, even on long distances.


I recently did a 700 mile round trip, non-stop 350 mile legs without any discomfort. I think you just need to adjust your seat some more to find the sweet spot.

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I've done dozens of long-distance (1000+miles) in the leggy wagon and I'm fairly impressed by the comfort of the seats and the car's gt character on the road.


I normally carrying two bikes on the roof during these trips and the car still manages to feel well-planted.


My only gripe would be the lack of leg room for someone like myself (6'1'') and the noise I get from the bike rack at high speeds. But, that's hardly Subaru's fault.


.... Because of the car's capability on the road, I FIND reasons to take road trips :)

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I think PGT had already made up his mind on a particular "butt holder" even before this trip.:icon_bigg

He pretty much did every bolt-on already............except seats.http://legacygt.com/forums/images/icons/icon12.gif Well..come on....fess up.:icon_bigg :icon_bigg :icon_bigg

Anyway my back problem prefers hard, firm seats.

"Remember..."MODDING is a HOBBY:icon_bigg, not a BAAAD HABIT";) .
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