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5th Gen Exhaust

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I have an n/a 2.5. I just did custom. took out stock resonator and added MUCH smaller one for louder sound and added the right side for a dual setup with aftermarket mufflers. I will add a sound clip for you as soon as possible!


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I have a 2.5 N/A as well. Did a custom spring-back (not cat-back) dual exhaust with resonator delete, Magnaflow performance mufflers, and 4 1/4" tips. Has a really nice rumble. Never done a sound clip of it but if it ever stops snowing over here I can get one this week or by next weekend.
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I'm running Nameless 5" ABE

Here is a clip


Thanks for that clip. I've been wondering what nameless exhaust would sound like on a GT. I had a 3.6R with muffler deletes, and it was LOUD. The sounded like a G35 on steroids. :eek: the drone was obnoxious around 1500-3000 rpm.

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GrimmSpeed donut to 3" adapter

3" Mid w/ Vibrant 1795 Resonator (stock location)

3" High Flow Y split to 2.5"

Vibrant 1058 TPV Mufflers


I went for the longest resonator and biggest TPV mufflers Vibrant makes and had the exhaust fabbed up at Speed-O-Motive. I love the sound, will make another video if I go stage 2 with a catless Invidia.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6ySjltcJCo]Youtube - 2011 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT 3" Catback Exhaust Vibrant[/ame]


You won't get any growl or rumble like a 4th gen, our header setup is equal length so we are going to forever and always sound similar to an EVO. I actually really like how mine sounds, got to hear it drive off for the first time the other day and it sounded amazing.

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Do you plan to go catted or catless?


Catless for sure and have a pro tune done at BK in Boise. I plan on making it down there for a baseline dyno session soon, they are hooking me up on a few pulls since I will be getting a tune later on and they would like to have the numbers as well. Hoping it's mellow like yours (I haven't heard it) as mine is pretty deep and smooth right now. A little more popping is to be expected, it's already starting to more on downshifting as I've got about 250mi on the new mufflers.

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Unsp0kn - that LGT exhaust sounds great! Prime choice components too. Love it.


Here is my H6 contribution to the thread:


- RAPTOR EZ36D SS headers (2.25" ID)

- AMR/AUTOMASTER custom header-back Catted SS mid-pipe with SS flex coupler (re-using stock cats in stock locations but with 2.25->2.5->3.0" ID)

- VIBRANT UltraQuiet 1142 Resonator (3.0" ID)

- MAGNAFLOW 16377 Catback Exhaust (3.0" ID)


(warm start and some throttle)

(WOT pull from 12 sec)
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Nameless 5" Axlebacks - Turn it up!!!





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