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3D Printing Development Thread

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Seeing that this thread has grown to over 40 pages, I wanted to shift the focus a bit. I have expanded my production capabilities (3D Printer, 60W laser engraver, and CNC Router) and will continue to offer my services to the community. I want this to be less about me selling products, and more about developing products for the community. Having said that, I will publish my files on Thingiverse for anyone with a printer to use. In the spirit of Open Sourcing, I'd encourage others to do the same (but of course it's not required). I will be available for some design work, that i'm capable of, and would encourage any of you that can help out with design or ideas to pitch in. I will also continue to make my services available, not for a profit, but to cover costs (shipping, materials, machine costs). Thanks to all of you who have and continue to contribute, you are the ones that make the community what it is. Edited by discojon
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Folks that are willing to design and Print. If you want added please PM me what you can offer and I'll add you to the list.




  • Kred
  • Discojon
  • Jdemod
  • ripstik
  • mdavisgtm
  • 09specb_vt
  • streetlegal
  • compsurge



  • Discojon (Lulzbot Taz 5, Build envelope: 1' x1'x 1', Single, PLA, ABS, Ninjaflex, HIPS, Nylon, Carbon fiber, t-glass, any available filament) CNC Router (4'x4'), 60W Laser engraver (500x700mm)
  • DJMajickMan (XYZ Davinci, 7.8 x 7.8 x 7.8 inches (WxDxH), Single Extrusion, ABS, PLA)
  • Streetlegal (Large format printer, 3'x3')
  • mdavisgtm (Ultimaker 2, 230 x 225 x 205 mm, Single, PLA / ABS / Other)
  • Jdemod (I have a Rostock max v2, Build volume:11" diameter 14.5" height Material: ABS and PLA or any like temp)
  • 09specb_vt I have access to a Airwolf HDx
  • Compsurge ion360 modeling
    OpenBeam Kossel Pro (9" Diameter x 10" Height cylinder)
    PLA, Carbon Fiber PLA, High Temp PLA, ABS. *Polycarbonate ABS, PET, and Nylon are untested with the current PEEK hotend. All metal in the works.
    Future CNC service: Haas TM-1
    PM-30MV-L (~1.3x scale G0704)

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In-Development Vent Gauge pod



Edited by discojon
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For those of use with jdm double DIN only usi a single DIN unit perhaps a gauge mount for the single din slot,

Something similar to this? Would need a mounting solution and scaled properly.



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How strong is the material?


The PLA is pretty strong. Depending on the design and amount of fill internally. It is plenty strong for everything we have designed so far. I wouldn't call it "structural" but i don't have any hard numbers on strength.

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2009 Legacy GT


This is a bit of a strange request for a part. I want a custom trim piece that will provide a type of cage that fits over the top of the SI-Drive knob on the center console. I want to prevent it from being depressed by some casual or unintended action (ex: my dog stepping on it), because I f'in hate "intelligent mode" and wish that this most inferior "mode" never existed. It has no place in a Racecar.


I'm my mind it would be sort of an x over the knob that wraps down over the sides and is attached to a half-moon shaped trim piece that would sit down in the little depression that the knob is centered in. It will cover the illumination but IDGAF about that, and it willstill allow full operation of the button.

"Striving to better, oft we mar what's well." - Bill Shakespeare - car modder
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This community BADLY needs a 4th gen third brake light delete! Should be SUPER easy to design one.


Well that's a bold statement.



Discojon, where are you located?

"Striving to better, oft we mar what's well." - Bill Shakespeare - car modder
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