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Do you run a VF52?

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And if so, how do you like it?

I need to replace my VF40 but will have to stick with something close to the stock turbo that doesn't suck as much. I was thinking Vf52, but if I get this turbo, that's all I could get for right now, plus maybe a fuel pump (budget :rolleyes:)

If I just swap out the turbo, would I still need to get a tune or can I just continue my current OTS Cobb stage 2 map?


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Well I plan on getting all the proper mods eventually, just not right away, need to get the car running again. Will eventually max out what I can. For now I'm thinking turbo and intercooler, seeing as how I'm already stage 2 there isn't much else that NEEDS to be done right away except for a re-tune :)
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