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Well, I just wanted to share with you guys the purchase of my second car... 1985 SR5 Corolla, I got obsessed with AE 86's last week like out of no where and I found this in my town for $400. I figured why not? Fun project for the summer. It runs and has 180,000 miles on it and very little rust just two little touches on the rear quater panels. I figured I can get good at driving stick, and learn some more about cars working on it a bit. Here she is...











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Yeah def shoudl be some fun especially cuz it is running strong, only thing that might go is the clutch. I wanted to strip down the interior and take a lot of it apart and clean it the best possible. Than sand it and rent a spraygun, primer and paint it white. Get a CF hood, maybee trunk. Get it to look decent, than open up the headers for a bit of power. Eventually down the road if i still have it possibly some sort of swap somthing DOHC, and throw on a turbo cuz stuff for the car is pritty cheap if you can find it. Throw some fat tires on the back on a set of 15's and thats pritty much it. Most of the ideas are more down the road stuff if I keep it for a while. For this summer it will mostly be some cheap DIY mods.
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