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First scooby, 99 Legacy L Sedan

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You mean the hood on my car? Haha just rubbing it in a little. Congrats on the car!


This is a great forum for learning about your car (there are a lot of younger people in the second gen part learning also). Welcome to the forum!

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Thanks from both of you, and yes = ( the hood u have.


Also do these fit in the factory bumper?



I already ordered the jdm bd5 one piece headlights



And some 55w hid's.


And today i had a custom exhaust made and installed 2.5 in pipe, and a magnaflow muffler. Its not as boxer sounding as i want any tips??

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You'll need to trim the holes to get them to fit. Also you'll need to make a bracket for them to mount it to the factory mounts. Don't put hid's in the projector fog lights. There isn't enough room for the heat. I did and I kept getting white powder stuff coating the entire inside of the housing blocking the light from coming out.
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I don't think those JDM fogs will work at all on a "L" bumper. They can be moddd to fit the GT bumpers though...


They can, the only part that differs on those bumpers, is where the grill sits and its longer underneath. Under the lights is the same as a GT bumper.

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You have to make sure you have two exaust ports on your head. If you do, it will work. The anniversary edition should have the 2.5 shouldn't it?

I have the ej22 these are the specs.





[edit] Specifications



  • Displacement: 2212 cc
  • Bore: 96.9 mm
  • Stroke: 75.0 mm
  • Compression Ratio: 9.5:1 - 9.7:1
  • Valvetrain: SOHC
  • Fuel Delivery multi point fuel injection

EJ221 Naturally Aspirated


  • Horsepower: 135 PS (99 kW; 133 bhp) @ 5800 rpm
  • Torque: 186.3 N·m (137 lb·ft) @ 4800 rpm

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It is all the same except it had a trailer hitch on it and it had a stock exhaust.











Only flaw about my carpet is this elephant jizz stain(not really a jizz stain just a huge white stain)














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5spd + Sunroof + Clean = Oh my goodness! Sexy indeed!

Okay, for starters, that L has a SOHC Phase 2 EJ22 (higher compression pistons than previous EJ22Es). It has 140hp/145ft-lbs (engine output) & is an improvement over the previous EJ22Es. I don't know if MS3 still makes a header for this because when I tried to get a header from him, he was having some issues (this prompted me to bolt DOHC heads on & put '99 pistons in the block.) But you DO have single port heads.


Quick FYI on EJ22:

Phase 1: This came in N/A or Turbo. Both engines are really good but the turbo EJ22 is hard to find. N/A = Open deck. Turbo = Closed deck. The EJ22s that we have here in America are ALL SOHC (turbos included).


Phase 2: This is the type of EJ22 that came in the Legacy of 1999 & the Imprezas of 99+. There are 2 variations like before (N/A & Turbo->22B). The differences from Phase 1 are the cams, pistons, & crank bearings. As a result of these changes, the engine produces more power. I don't know if it's any more reliable but EJ22s in general are good engines.

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looks like GT front bumper to me.

1998-99 Legacy Ls were given GT front bumpers (hood scoops specific to GTs/Outbacks). You could even put GT fog lamps on if you'd like. Might have have to do some wiring though but it won't be bad or take too long at all.

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