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Which wheels?

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Looking to get my tires mounted at the end of this month.







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All of them suck, go for a real brand, like Enkei, Prodrive, Rays/Volk, BBS etc.


Maybe some BBS RS-GT's




Maybe go for some subaru BBS wheels, optional on the 93-96 GT's, there's probably a couple of these sets on ebay.




OZ wheels.




And you don't have to spend a fortune, i picked up a set of STi branded Volk TE-37's, with tyres, for under $250 USD....

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disappointed not as gunmetal looking for the spokes as the above picture.. waiting for my batteries to charge so I can use my flash on it but here is a shot from my evo I pulled over to take a look.








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As soon as the buy the other two and 4 tires lol I was not about to blow my whole vacation pay on wheels and tires because I defiantly need a vacation this year!


I already have a brand new full sized spare


I'm headed out now to do a test fit without tires to get a look how it looks on the car.. should look good.


i was going to go with the places tire rack lists for when i get it mounted.. I won't let those monkeys at town fair touch my tires again

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test fit :p looks funny I know


taken with my HTC EVO :D






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what do you mean by stick on weights? Obviously you need to get them balanced by a shop once you throw a set of tires on them; too many horror stories of people driving with unbalanced tires and vibrating the hell out of the car.
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those were already on the rims when you got them?



eeehh, no some people get those and some people's wheels can't do clipon weights..


some people do them because of no weight visible on the outside of the wheel.

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You get those when you go to get your tires and rims balanced. They don't go anywhere, they throw a CA glue on them I think and it keeps them from going anywhere. You NEED to have a shop do this. When you go to throw on the tires, there will more times than not be an imbalance. Just mention to the guys that you want the weights that are on the inner part of the rim, not the kind that goes along the outer lip. They'll take care of it from there.
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