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Bosal/SPT V1.5 Exhaust


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Just figured I'd pass along some info I picked up today regarding the Bosal CBE. As most of you know the original SPT versions end seams of the mufflers were leaking due to a miss adjusted crimping machine. This lead to numerous warranty claims and SPT eventually going with AEM for the Version 2 they sell now through dealerships.


Not everyone including myself is able to drop $700 plus on any one of the stainless steel systems currently offered for the LGT. Sure there are less expensive options like the CX Lightning/Gimmick CBE but the cost is offset with lower grade materials and sometimes questionable fitment.


I came across a post about Bosal offering a Version 1.5 of their system that included redesigned mufflers. After reading a couple reviews of the system and the excellent service provided by Mike to fix the original issues I decided to call him myself. Apparently they still have about 25 full systems in stock with an addtional 75+ mid and y-pipe sets minus mufflers. Needless to say they're eager to get rid of these.


I'm in no way affiliated with Bosal. I was just another curious LGT owner that was looking into a more cost effective stainless steel CBE so I figured I'd pass along what I learned. If you have more questions, feel free to contact Mike at the number/e-mail listed below. Seems like a real stand up guy and was more than willing to answer all my questions and provide some excellent pricing. Here's what I found out.



Bosal Stainless Steel CBE

3" Midpipe/Y-Pipe (2.25" taper at mufflers)

S/S except the flanges

Inlet designed for OEM downpipe


1 year warranty

$375 plus shipping


Mid/Y-pipe Combo

Does not bolt up to OEM mufflers

$200 plus shipping


Mike Yatkowitz

Bosal USA/Bosal Performance

14 Troy Hills Rd.

Whippany, NJ 07981

800-631-7271 x227

973-240-2227 (direct line)


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Do you have pics or sound clips of this exhaust? Version 2's are easy to find, I've yet to find a version 1 (yes, I have used the search function too):)

What is the significant difference between the two versions?

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I picked up one of these about 2 years ago for ~$400.


I can't complain for the price but there is one thing I would keep an eye out for on these (assuming the design hasn't changed). The ball flange the mates with the stock donut gasket was welded at two points instead of three. As a result, the flange was distorted into an oval. I couldn't get a seal at that point till I machined the donut gasket into an oval. IIRC, I had to take off nearly 2 mm on the narrow side.

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i bought mine directly from mike a while back and posted his info up here too. i love my bosal exhaust, i think its the best looking and best sounding too. even sounds great with my twinscroll setup.
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I thought the SPT exhaust was 2.5". :confused:


If it says "designed for OEM DP" that means it necks down to 2.5" at least, right?


What are the materials? The CXLighting is SS too.


SPT is 2.25" from y to cans.


Both SPT and Bosal are 2.5" at DP flange.


Materials are S/S. But much better grade than XO2/CXLighting?GMS.

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Great options!!! I'm still just waiting to hear what the non-resonated GMS sounds like. Being that this one is not resonated either, I want to make sure that its something I can live with. There's been a few people that have gotten the GMS yet nobody has made any video or sound clips. Strange.
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there are vids of the gms. losangeleslgt posted one. sounds like **** if you ask me. I have heard his car in person. He is taking out the non-resonated midpipe and swapping to a resonated mid pipe.


I agree that the CX/X02 sounds like crap as well. Those straight through exhausts don't sound good at all IMHO.

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this one is straight through too like the GMS. no resonator. the CXlighting one actually does


I was more referring to the straight through muffler design more than straight through mid-pipe. But yeah, both make a difference in how "raw" the sound is if that makes sense.

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