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Am I the only one really excited about getting my hands on a set of Aus/ JDM tail lights for the wagon??? I know the differences are very subtle, but if I can have less yellow in the tail light, It's way better. All the images I've seen out of Japan or Oz show better tails with less 'yellow'.

Maybe I'll have to bite the bullet and buy a can of red spray tint and some clear coat (make my own all-red tails)

I've searched this forum several times but haven't ever found anyone else jonesin' for the non-US/ Canadian versions...

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Excepting that the OZ pattern will be backwards on the headlight beams. Australia is RHD, is it not?


:rolleyes: I didnt even think about that and I was going to order the projectors for my '97 GT. I guess it just might be an alignment issue, but thanks for posting that made me think...

JDM'd All to hell


Thanks Jimmy @ Hkc-Speed.com!

RIP Coxx & Thanks

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Not a bad idea, but you'll need to source the parts from western europe, or some other country that gets the JDM style parts, but are RHD, for parts like headlights, and dash peices that are sensitive to which side the steering wheel, or the road centerline is on.


The tail lights, and other parts are probably A-OK. I have thought about JDM style Tail lights for a sedan when I get one. I like that they have separate amber signals in the center clear section, rather than just blinking one of the brake lights. That could take some wiring skill to separate the turn signal from the brake light wiring...

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