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Dealer tech takes my car on a 'test drive', at WOT... And I have video evidence...

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My car was in the bodyshop after a minor fender bender. You may or may not remember, but my car has a dashcam. During the week they had it:


- Two of the techs driving it across the parking lot discussed "Would you rock this car? Do you wanna rock it?" "What if this camera is running?" "Oh. We're just joking!"


- Two other techs drove it across the lot (were supposed to move it 20', but took the long way - around the building) The driver mentioned that the clutch was like a racing clutch, then he floored up to redline in first through the parking lot. Then he said words to the effect of; "I'm sorry, I'm going to have to do this..." and from what I could make out of the conversation he was planning to dump the clutch around the corner to get an all wheel peel. As he came around the corner he backed off for an oncoming car, pulled up alongside this car and spoke with the driver (the boss?), and as they drove away again the driver talked about it being a close call. Then they drove thought he lot again at WOT and talked about the turbo having no BOV. He proved this by revving it to redline a couple times in the parking space. The passenger joked about how funny it would be if the camera was on. Driver didn't think it would be funny. (I agree with the driver - not funny)


- Bodyshop manager accidentally backed the car into a pile of empty boxes someone had stacked in the doorway. No damage = no harm/no foul.


- Same two techs took it out onto the road for a 3 mile drive. I know that the alignment was checked as part of the repair work (The accident damaged the wheel) so this *may* be the after-alignment road test. Having said that, the driver floored it up to redline in first AND second as soon as he got onto the road. At that point I stopped watching the video and started burning it to a DVD so I can take it to the dealership's General Manager. It was more important that I go through the process of preserving the evidence than watching it immediately. Kinda like putting up police tape around a crime scene.


So, I still have to watch the rest of this 'road test' (Top Gear style, apparently) and then check another two car journeys listed in the DVR.


Funny thing is, this WOT 'road test' (with the two giggling prepubescent techs thrashing $18k of my hard-earned money around the streets) happened at about lunchtime today. When I arrived at the bodyshop at 5pm to pick the car up they said it was "out on the road test from the alignment". The car only did 3 miles while in their custody so it's not like they were driving around for 5 hours. I wonder if they had the alignment tech do the road test at 5pm. If so, what legitimate reason did Beavis and Butt-Face have to even be out on the road, never mind burning up my clutch?


When I got the car home (and I drive like my grandad) my clutch REEKED. I suspect the rest of this road test (when I get to watch it) will be quite interesting. I also noted that when I arrived the camera mount in the front of the car had broken loose from the window (GPS suction cup) and been remounted in the wrong place. I hope they didn't do anything extreme enough to much the camera loose.... :-O





(*Side question to dealer techs: Is it normal to discuss such things as; "Do you wanna rock it?" when you would never, ever actually do something like that?

Why would they say that if it's something they would never actually do? Example: I would never mug an old granny - and therefore would never have reason to say to my friend; "Hey, there's an old granny... Want to mug her?")


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfwfSzbr5Ac]YouTube - joyride[/ame]


Camera system details: http://www.legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php?t=94785



Update: Noon 2/19: The video has made it back to the dealership upper management. Someone who saw the video recognized the place and knew higher-ups.


I have been assured that those involved have been dealt with by the upper management although nobody is likely to lose a job over this. I just don't think their conduct rises to the level of getting fired for it.



Update: 14:50 2/20: Had a conversation with the GM of the dealership. The techs still have their jobs, however they have been dealt with. Can't share details, but I certainly think they've learned their lesson. My insurance company has been in touch with them as well to ensure that there will be no repeat of this kind of thing (Certified Bodyshop).


At this point I consider the matter closed.

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Man, if I had evidence of that sort of abuse of my car, I wouldn't be composed enough to type a post like that ^^ ... I'm shaking just thinking about your situation. :mad:


You need to march back there ASAP with that video (bring a laptop, they may not have a DVD player).


Please keep us posted as that is totally unacceptable behaviour.


Good luck,


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Oh my God. I'd absolutely kill someone if they did that. How ignorant can they be!? You had a camera in there. Take the video to the dealership, and harass the hell out of them. I mean, they owe you free oil changes for life at least after that. Not that I'd take it back there anyways, but I'd like to see those two kids get fired.


I've taken my legacy to the stealership a few times and have seen techies doing some questionable road tests on my car firsthand. I mean, I know they have to road test to diagnose problems, but I have seen my car driven off by a subaru tech before and as soon as he got on the road, there was no question he was putting the pedal to the floor. This is scary. Real scary.

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you should be leaving that dealership owning the place if you have all this evidence. That is a complete lack of respect of the car and you. I shudder just thinking about how this happens day in and day out all over the world. Reasons like this is why I try to keep my car as far away from any shop as possible.
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I have to go back there on Saturday because they forgot to put the old damaged wheel in my trunk (cosmetic damage = free fullsize spare winter tire!) and there's some scratches that were not buffed out properly etc.


I'll take my laptop and the DVD with me and play the DVD for the General Manager and see if that's normal/acceptable. I'll be going through this video VERY closely to find any indications of clutch damage (the clutch doesn't reek of burned friction material when *I* drive it!). Any demands I make will be based on demonstrable losses. IF there's no damage then we'll just call it an FYI for him. If I see the tech burning up my clutch then I'm going to demand a new clutch, or at least an extended warranty on the clutch (this dealership chain also has a subaru dealership)


Funny thing: The dashcam has an interior camera so I can see the faces of the techs who were abusing my car. About a minute into the journey the passenger folds down the visor to block the interior camera. Not only does that not stop me from seeing how he drove (and at what speed, thanks to the speed imprint from the GPS antenna connected to the dashcam) but it also does not wipe out the minute of footage I have of them both from before they folded down the visor.


Yeah, I'm pretty pissed, but my law-school brain won't let me consider anything other than a legally appropriate response. An ass-whuppin' sounds more satisfying, but it's not my style.

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I take my car to one place, and one place only. I know the guys there and trust them. I had to take my car somewhere else for an alignment, and I sat there and watched them. Then I took it on the test drive with him in the passenger seat, I can tell just as well as a tech if the alignment is off. That is why I brought it there in the first place.

But if I were you, I'd be there with my laptop showing that video off to everyone I could, and leave there with something to show I won.

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IF you are serious about doing anything to that dealership, get some legal advise first. Do not write anything to any forums, and especially do not post any videos you might have.

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You should sue their ass for emotional distress after watching the video. then post it online and we could all file a class action lawsuit! :)


It is sad that this type of crap happens everyday when we drop the car off for any type of repair and or service.

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Do not write anything to any forums, and especially do not post any videos you might have.


Well, hes sorta already posted this on the forums, I don't see why putting up the video would be a bad thing either. He's got the video evidence. That's the best kind you could possibley have.

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Don't worry, I know all about preserving evidence, subjudicy and other rules. If this video shows conduct that may be part of a lawsuit then it won't be posted until the suit is done - but we're kinda getting ahead of ourselves here...


All I have seen so far is a couple of wet-behind-the-ears techs ragging on my car. If I don't see any evidence of actual damage being done then I'm not going to demand anything from them except for an apology. This is not a profit-making venture, this is just me making sure that I don't get bent over AGAIN. (Check out my youtube videos of the mailman-peeing-on-my-house and the roadrager smacking my fender with his door) However, if I DO see evidence of damage or conduct that could cause hidden damage then I'll be seeking either repairs, or inspections to verify that no actual damage occurred.


I am not naming the dealership or the techs for a reason - I'm not going to make any allegations unless I have evidence to back them up.

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Wow... just WOW. I wish I had one of these when the hotel valets backed my car into some object while in their posession. Damage was about $800. I still haven't gotten it fixed :(


Keep us updated on this!


How much did your entire setup cost you?


**EDIT** Just found the info in your previous thread.



The whole system cost: (rough estimates from memory)


- DVR $400

- Cameras: Front $200, Driver $75, Rear $75

- GPS Puck: $75 Video Overlay $120

- Power Controller: Home-made approx $50 in parts / PCB etching supplies

- Wiring and connectors: $100

- Mounts: All home-made, about $50 in parts.

- Installation: ~16 hours

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Dude, I was getting so pissed watching the drivers in your Youtube videos. Thank god that's where? Ohio I think I saw? PA is bad, though, too. I had some dumb b1tch cut me off yesterday after not even looking when she pulled out from a stop sign. I wanted to follow her and flip shit but I had to make a turn to where I was going. Either that or ram her off the road then bash her with something. Time for an airhorn so I can deafen people. http://www.hornblasters.com/
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I finished perusing the videos (no sound, exporting the videos with sound right now). It doesn't immediately appear as if any overt damage was done the car, just a lot of fast WOT acceleration. They also seem to slow down a couple times to let traffic get ahead so they can floor it again. The GPS track shows their maxiumum speeds as being approximately 65 to 70mph in a 55. (limited by traffic, though, not by intent).


Based upon when I've seen so far I think the nature of my conversation with the General Manager is going to be more along the lines of an FYI/requesting an apology, rather than making any kind of a demand re: specific damages. I still need to watch the video full way through (rather than skipping forward though the supposedly boring bits), so nothing certain yet.


The front camera having been removed/replaced = It fell of at the same time the guy was detailing the car. I suspect it was accidentally bumped. Not a problem, I just put it back up.


The 3 mile joyride *was* the "road test". My dispute is that they appear to be testing my clutch and turbo more than they are testing the alignment. :mad:

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