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Found new great place for wheel alignment - Direct Tire in Watertown, MA


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Cliff notes:


Need good alignment? Call Mike Sharpie at Direct Tire in Watertown to get alignment done by Andy. Great folks!


Full version:


So sadly I parted my ways with Fastrack Service shop in Peabody, MA after the fiasco with my SpecB arms they damaged (but fortunately replaced).


Since I frequently tinker with suspension that put me on a search for another alignment shop. I am happy to report that I found one - Direct Tire in Watertown, MA - I received excellent service from these folks. The shop is recommended by Dentsport Garage.


The person to talk to is Mike Sharpie (an Evo owner and a car enthusiast). The tech that worked on my car was Andrew and is not only a nice guy, but did superb alingment job on my car. Has many years of experience and it shows. In fact he knew how to extract more negative camber from my suspension (using stock bolts) than Fastrack could.

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This is good to know as I'll be needing new tires mounted and an alignment come the spring. I'm right down the street in Brighton.


Mind if I ask what they charged for an alignment (assuming you had nothing additional done)? I didn't see any prices on their website.

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pish, rub it in some more snow. lol.


seriously, sounds like a good price. yesterday when i was getting my stage 2 stuff installed, paul said my rear wheels were out of wack and asked if i noticed anything when going over bumps. :iam: i don't think soooooo. but should be getting some new rubber for the summer. sounds good!

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