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Fastest Street Legacy/Liberty Wagon in Australasia

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Cracked a 11.2 last week at the drags to take the title of fastest Wagon in Australia(also fastest current(still in existance, get in and drive right now) liberty/Legacy"." in Australia, street car, street trim, pump fuel, no nos, daily driver) ;






Enjoy the video ;


1990 GT Legacy Wags - Fastest in Oz !



Quick mod list ;


1990 GT Leagcy Wagon, 2.4lt, cams, GT3076R, Motec, Built 4eat, 3500rpm stall.

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Yeah on street meets(not competition) your racing the clock not the opponent so you can sleep on the line for a fair while, whilst you dial it up and go for the best launch, time only starts counting when you break the beam, the reaction time is greenlight->break beam hence my shite 2.2sec reaction.

Car has maybe a little more time left in it on current power level, just need to perfect launch, get a nice track and do everything right .....if I feel rich I can spend ~$500(40ltrs of race fuel and a tune) and run a easy 10.9 for shits and giggles.

Car may also be able to run a 10.xx pass with current 400whp if a little more work is put into the auto. I drive it around daily as a hack so nothing extreme like a 4k+ stall, no lock-up and full manual body for me.

As long as, for now I have the title(queue - rocky3 theme song eye of the tiger) and it puts a smile on my face daily I`m happy ....however there is a few cars snapping at my heels to take the title(they want it baaaad) so I might need to do something to make it harder for them


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...I do sense a bit of "Anti Wagon" setimnent going around on LegacyGT.com, wagons look shite hot compared to sedans IMO, I`ve owned 6 Subaru`s and they have ALL been wagons...They just look so much tougher than a sedan :p


...I own a BP5 Wagon also....I really REALLY wanted to buy an STI when I bought it new, but they are not offered in a Wagon(Legacy or WRX)....but even then I still could not buy the Sedan to get STI`d ! ...

So I built my own STI BP5 Wagon(VF36, USDM STI DCCD 6spd, JDM alloy rear end, R180&Billet axels, Zero2e coilovers, Cusco braces and bars, Brembo`s, HKS exhaust, retune 250whp&360nm 8200rpm redline EJ20, and more)


Wagon pride ;)

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Blue text above is a link to a 1/4mile vid....but I do have pics as well, been meaning to get some good ones with the car cleaned up on location but heres a few snaps from when I had a camera in my hand !






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woah! 400hp wagon! that is way too cool....and you're the fastest wagon too.

not only should you get the you just got beat by a wagon sticker, you should get the wagon mafia sticker too!

and can i have the first picture in high res?

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