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Older Outback Pics!


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Nice looking Outbacks...


I just put my girlfriend's Baja wheels on mine (she has my LGT wheels), actually gave it a slight lift! It's getting a new water pump and timing belt so when it is done I will post pics...

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That eBay grounding mod, did that do anything for you? What exactly is it?

I cannot say for sure it did anything due to the fact I did the e bay intake at the same time. I did notice that it runs "smoother" though and responds better. It is basically putting more grounding points for the battery, instead of just the one grounding wire to the body. I have one going to the body, one to the TB, one to the tranny one to the IM and one to the alternator mount.

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Wow lots of nice Outbacks! Mine is 2000 Outback, 2.5L n/a, auto trans. Stuff done includes KYB GR-2's with King Springs, KC hilites, amsoil fluids, engine oil bypass filter, engine preoiler, dual 2 quart atf filters, permacool atf cooler, perma cool power steering cooler, mobil1 ps fluid filter, cyberdyne digital gauges, tons of maintenance including timing belt, water pump, etc, etc.


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My wife's '01 H-6:








Installed a Baja Turbo RSB (right):



Hella Supertones:




I also recently got it a Legacy L7 badge, though no pics yet. Stock photo from RenickMotorsports:



(Looks blue to me in that pic, but it's actually more green-ish, pretty cool.)



The only other mod is Narva H1 low-beam bulbs from Daniel Stern. It's got BF Goodrich Traction T/A-V tires right now, but they're pretty worn (installed post-purchase in '05) so I'm thinking of picking up the Bridgestone Potenza G 009 for it. Better ratings, and less money. Score. :D





I'd love to eventually get a catback for it, but I'm having a hard time finding one that fits. The Subaru GT Performance axleback is only $205 right now, but it's only an axleback and I'm also not sure if it fits the H-6. I've asked a few parts departments and nobody can figure it out.

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New water pump, new clutch, new cv axle, new timing belt, new rims (my girlfriend's Baja) and tires!




This was yesterday... Cruised up to Wyoming to stock up on beer and wine (remember, I'm in Utah) and came back down through part of Idaho and the Uintahs and found snow! Beautiful drive.

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Awesome. Our OB I think is about...ehh.... 115K miles. We bought it with about 65K, give or take a few. Got it from Per Schroeder of Grassroots Motorsports Magazine, actually; he's got a NASIOC membership and had posted it there. So it's a FL car too, a big bonus.
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Long story (very) short, no. Ended up going a different way after my relations withthat shop went a bit south and it went under.


I bought this instead (still have the wagon, too)




It's now wingless, and has a few other bits coming.


Back to OB pics, I'll post when I get the new wheels on the wagon tomorrow.



i think i saw your sti on nasioc, very nice im lovin the roof rack!



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This might not be the most chosen platform for perfomance aplication but I initially got that car just its practicality. AWD, ABS,Heated seat, lots of space for the Dog and camping equipment and not to expensive with 280 000Km on the clock. Go the car for 1 week and I spun a crank bearing on the original engine. put in another EJ25 from Japan this time. Its suppose to be good and more reliable than the american one. I drove it one year and it blew a head gasket. F%$*!!! I was pissed.

I came around a good deal that was posted on the board for a STI V4 that was completly rebuilt with V6 bottom end parts, a V2 tranny, a suretrack rear diff and wrx rear brakes. I also purchased a 3in turbo back exaust (catless) and a TD05 turbo.

Here are some pics.



parts I got, and a catback 3in SS exaust for 150$






I adapted my 2.5 engine harness to the V4 engine and then I cut my ecu connectors, after 6 hours I finished splicing the wires to the new ecu.



took everything outta the car



then I put the new powertrain in....


relocated the cruise control vaccum pump and actuator


I had to cut my clutch reservoir and relocate my bypass valve since I am using a V6 tmic. you can also see the new location for my wastegate selenoid. I put it there since I used the original EGR wires to hook it up.



got myself a cheap 3in bellmouth down pipe mounted to a TD05


installed my exaust, 3in turbo back and it makes an awsome sound


finally.... heres an Outback you dont see often



...Conclusion all that is left is changing the gears in the rear diff. since its wienning like crazy and and getting my STI suspension. No problem with the engine what so ever, it runs great and cant wait for the break in period to be over.....;-)

I will also try to make cleaner.....here was my last project....




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Got some STI V7 struts and installed them( Iknow the pic has a V8 strut but I went to exange it later)

It took like 16 hours to get all the body spacers out and to change all the parts from outback to regular leg parts like tranny cross member, drive shaft and hagner bearing , struts(V7), steering colum and shaft, shifter assembly, trailing arms, sway bar mounts etc... Naturally this is quebec and the bolt where mostly all rusted and seized.




sand blasted a few parts and painted a few also..


i had to relocate the windsheild washer hose in the hood weebing so it would clear the intercooler and bypass valve


I installed wood trim from the wrecked LegGT I bought and Boost gauge in a Homemade with exaust gauge pod!



Cheers....more updates to come cauz i got JDM Headlights, tail lights, tweeters and front grill in the mail!

i dunno if this will work but here is the sound of the exaust witch I think sounds pretty nice

Click here to watch Subbie-Exaust

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JDMg3... Your Outback is sick! That is the ultimate sleeper and that is exactly what I want to do to my '98 Outback! You gotta tell me how the install went... Mine has 240,000 miles on it, but I do have a rebuilt JDM EJ25 (non-turbo) with about 80,000 in it. Here is mine:




And my Legacy...



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Here's my OBS

2" lift, custom bumper, lots of lights, awd-4wd lock, and lots of other goodies ;)














She's a beast ;)

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Just traded it for a 2005 Bean. I'm really going to miss it, I already do and it's still in my driveway :(







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