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NC Roll call: Anybody?


What area are you from?  

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  1. 1. What area are you from?

    • Raleigh
    • Charlotte
    • Winston-Salem
    • Asheville area
    • Boone

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Thanks! It's amazing how many subarus are here though! I came from Kansas City, so that might tell you something. But I see at least 10 every day.


I see Subarus pretty frequently, but rarely do I see LGTs. I haven't seen another 5th gen GT in the almost 2 years I've had my car.


That lawyer brad Icard is awesome! All my stuff got dismissed!! If anyone needs a Charlotte lawyer use the link above!!


Good to know. I love how your mailbox gets flooded with lawyer advertisements after you get a ticket :lol:

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Alright local peeps... Any input on where/how to get tuned? I recently got a BNR 16g and will be buying a new clutch soon. Just want this as a reliable daily as I will be buying a "project" car or a motorcycle this summer.


I see Motion Lab and Draco around. I know people have had issues with each place but if any of you have any input, it would be greatly appreciated.

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As you already said, motion lab and draco, but I read a few not so good reviews...boxer4 racing in asheville seems to get good reviews, but its a bit of a hike.



Sweet! I live in Asheville... I'll have to visit that place someday.

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