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NC Roll call: Anybody?


What area are you from?  

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  1. 1. What area are you from?

    • Raleigh
    • Charlotte
    • Winston-Salem
    • Asheville area
    • Boone

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Don't use motion lab!!! Go far dale at boxer4racing. Motion lab will jack the boost up really high on the stock turbo and run a crazy correction factor on the Dyno and I've seen the results on several cars and all of them blew up shortly after the tune
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Not really the triangle area, but I shopped around and both of these places have a good rep:






Have you considered getting an e-tune? That is ultimately the route I took and really happy with the results.


Thanks for the info. Yes I have and I would really like to stay away from e-tunes, a little iffy on the idea. I might consider it more if I have no other options.

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Look for me...



I actually saw you the other day on Independence pulling into one of the dealerships. Looks clean with the Porsche wheels.

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