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NC Roll call: Anybody?


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Boone/Blowing Rock checking in.... '05 LGT 5eat. No mods yet for we are a poor folk here in the mountains.


Cool, Boone/blowing rock here too. There aren't too many lgt's around, plenty of n/a legacy's though. Unfortunately, I don't have one yet.

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You looking for a stock set?


Na....I guess I would buy two if they were nice, and cheap. I'd rather find a wheel I like and change it up, since I've got to buy two anyway. Been doing some research: I like the look of the 5Zigen 520+ 17x8 Gunmetal. The tires I have are in great shape, but old (2004), I have a feeling the wheels and tires were slapped back on it when it was traded in up in VA.

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new guy here. just bought a 2009 legacy gt limited 5speed on the 4th of july! hell of an upgrade from my 1999 maxima se. just saying hello!



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Very nice.


Good call on the '09. The '10s are ugly as hell. :lol:


How are you liking it so far?


oh, i'm absolutely loving it! i had test driven an 07 wrx and an 05 legacy gt. (waited too long on the wrx and the carfax on lgt said it came from cleveland so i wanted nothing to do with it). i found my car at performance in chapel hill heavily discounted and with great financing, so it only came to about 120 more per month than the used 05! and i think i found one of the very last few 09's with a manual in the whole state. i'm very pleased... didn't really need to get rid of the maxima, as it was still in incredible shape and low mileage for its age, but i got a deal i couldn't pass up.


i haven't seen a '10 in person yet. i'm tempted to stop in at southern states just to look at one. the pictures of them are not pretty, and i'm not sure i like the interior that much either. looks awfully "toyota" to me. i'm sure it's still fast as hell though!

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