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NC Roll call: Anybody?


What area are you from?  

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  1. 1. What area are you from?

    • Raleigh
    • Charlotte
    • Winston-Salem
    • Asheville area
    • Boone

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do any of u gents have a motorcycle that could teach me how to ride? i REALLY want an r6 but I don't feel like getting killed and all MSF courses are scheduled out to the end of september. i will compensate you for your time.
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yay i got my motorcycle permit today. no bike yet though. still afraid to buy w/o having ridden one before. i did decide i am going to go used instead of getting a brand new shiny r6. this way i wont have collision or comprehensive.
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so what are you raleigh based people doing for premium? i can't find it locally. got 3/4 of a tank left and am riding my motorcycle everywhere. i normally put 89 in my bike as it idles goofy w/ 87. i can't even find that. this is so rediculous. god bless america.
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I've been able to get premium. I guess it just depends on which gas station you go to.


ugh. i have been to stations in the crossroads, morrisville, and cary area. can't find the stuff. granted the ones i am going to are the more popular stations. maybe that is the issue. i dunno.

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I am in RTP off of Davis and I haven't really had too big of a problem. It seems like it may be a timing thing too cause I went to one gas station in the morning and they had no gas except 87 and my roommate went to it that night and it had all gas.
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I used to be in Clemmons - I voted W-S... but I just left the area and my job at Wachovia two weeks ago. I couldn't have time the job switch any better :)


I'm up in beautiful, almost heaven WV now!!! Some awesome windy country roads to test the LGT on ;)


Anyone looking to buy a house in Clemmons let me know.....

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