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Why Subaru?

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I was hoping this would be a stand-alone forum, but I thought I might as well start the thread (unless there is one already started, which I couldn't find.) So why Subaru?

Because it's different.

Because it's good.

Because it makes earily perfect mecahnical sense.


Why for you?

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For me it was the value. We currently own an Audi and after driving that through several snow storms I decided my next car had to be AWD. Making that a require the field shrinks considerably and a lot of other players were too expensive for me to justify when I drive ~30k miles per year.
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unique design,AWD, Boxer engine, Subarus rep for safety, its involvement in rally racing, and is yes, different from the crowd. I don't see Legacy's like mine all the time. Though based on this board alone, there are a lot of them.

For your car audio/video needs:D

Audio Crafters IS it.

In Pasadena Ca. Arthur rules.


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Because Subaru has some racing heritage behind it, and Subaru's AWD system is probably second to only quattro in terms of panache and public opinion. Not a big fan of the primarily FWD/AWD applications that switch when you lose traction, Subaru is 50/50 right down the middle.


I also like their looks and their interiors have made leaps and bounds over previous generations... GM should have used their share in Subaru to learn how to do that.


They still embrace the family size wagon.


Thats about it for me, I'm sure I agree with the others comments here as well.

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Inexpensive way to get AWD (used to have a Cherokee, but they priced themselves out of my market). Plus, Toyotas are boring and Honda salespeople are pricks (our cars are perfect and you will pay whatever we want).
It is still ugly.
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Reliability, performance, form-factor... I was looking for a 5-door vehicle (hatch or wagon) that was civilized and offered good performance. I'd been a VW driver for 17 years and was irritated with VW for introducing the Mk.V vehicles in europe and taking a long time to bring them here, I was ready to buy a car long before they were ready to sell me one. The A3 finally got here and felt a little less substantial than I thought it should for the price. My partner had a bugeye WRX wagon with 130k+ miles on it that was still very solid and hadn't had any problems, so I gave a serious look at the LGT wagon, and here we are. I'm disappointed in Subaru for taking away the manual transmission, I may have to buy from someone else when the time comes if they don't figure it out.
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I am planning on one for the following reasons.


Manual Transmission in a 4-door, with the rest of the amenities, and high-spec engine. One of very few.

Turbocharged Boxer engine. An honestly gutsy engine in said package, and designed on principal, not just "to fit the standard space."

Not-FWD. Real AWD in a car. Better than even RWD for Iowa winters.

Nice looking, and for the first time for Subaru. Some have not been bad, but Legacy looks GOOD, inside and out.


These four make it a diamond in the rough.... but to continue.


Reputation for reliability and endurance. (reputation that Subaru/FHI designs closer to aircraft tolerance than automotive tolerance...)

High safety ratings on top of all of this...

Not out of my price range for all of this...


The legacy marks all of the sport sedan boxes. My gripes are surface details, and although important, don't change the fact that this car has the guts inside. Some other cars with the right paint and colors aren't much deeper than that.

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manual transsmission+wagon+AWD+power (turbo) (in that order)


if they don't bring manual GT wagon back this Subaru is my first and last one.

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Oh, t'was a double post I see.. so I'll paste my answer here:


Because a horizontally opposed engine isn't defeating gravity nearly as much every time the pistons stroke, as it's I-4 or I or V6 engine counterparts. I have seen a legacy go over 350,000 miles with regular tuneups, and fliud maintenance. (Other small things in the way, but the engine wasn't rebuilt until a bit over 350K.


Because the legacy just fetched a high saftey rating, evem among tough competition known for being top in saftey such as volvo.. There will be a 6 month old child, and growing in that back seat and her life is important to (us.)


Because Boxer engine + Intercooled Turbo + All Wheel Drive + Decent looks = Boost, Drive, Love.

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Let me count the ways

  1. Owner since 74
  2. Bullet proof Reliability and AWD
  3. Love the low CG of the boxer engine / drivetrain
  4. Love the boxer engine "rumble"
  5. Go fast handling
  6. Limited population appreciation (not a run-of-the-milll, vanilla Honda, Toyota, Nissan)
  7. Styling cues and execution
  8. Technology infusion and fanatical over-engineering
  9. I can strap the car on rather than just numbly sit in it
  10. Modability (yes JohnAWD, that's a term, at least on this forum :icon_wink)
  11. Durability (probably a million miles - or more - to date with no issues)
  12. Am not afraid to send the family out in one (safe capsule)
  13. Complete and utter sleeper (take that Mr Jet Jockey C6)
  14. Every one puts a grin on my face - both for their individual personality and commonality across the company line
  15. It's not your father's Oldsmobile, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, etc.
  16. I go where others fear to go and/or can't
  17. It induces a happy glow every time I drive one
  18. My family thinks they're cool
  19. If you drive one, you buy one (or should)
  20. Overall maintenance costs are lower than anything else I've ever owned.

That's a start, I'm sure I'll think of many more.



- Pro amore Dei et patriam et populum -
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1. Wagon (few bicycles, skis, camping gear)

2. Reliability/Inexpensive repairs

3. Performance






Originally it was between an Audi or Wrx but was considering a BMW, Volvo or IS300 sportcross. After I realized I'd need a mid size wagon I knew the Lexus/Wrx were out. Kinda sad, really like the fitments of the Lexus, just a little weak on power. Magnum was too big.


Volvo was a bore to drive, and had the worst ergonomics. Bimmer friends had their water pumps blow in the middle of longer trips and strand them (not to mention all the other service). In the end it was a pretty easy choice.


Didn't help Audi that I was at the dealer 2-3 times and never got the time of day. So I went over to the subaru dealer and bought one full cash!

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