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2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited EGR Delete

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i have a 06 legacy that has been having a p1492 and i was wondering if anyone has any info on how to fully  delete or remove egr from the engine and from the ecu. any info on this would be greatly appreciated...

all im looking for is the info on what all needs to be removed in the engine bay and possibly what needs to be edited in the ecu after you disable or delete the egr codes....

i will say i have had the wiring checked and checked the egr valve and there is no shorts  bad resistance in either the engine harness or the dash harness to the ecu i have already replaced the ecu with a different one as well and had it programmed and yet still the code pops up ive also checked the egr pipe the vacuum lines and the solenoid and they all look and test out ok. so that is why i am asking for info on how to do a egr delete. 

Yes i know alot of people will say dont do it but  as others have stated is my car if i want to its my choice!!!

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You may have more luck finding something over at subaruoutback.org dude. Lots more support there for NA engines than here.

It IS your car, so do what you like, but I doubt many here who even own a 2.5i are going to have the answer for you. Given that 90% of the time checking hoses and cleaning the recirc valve is sufficient to make a code go away.

I've got one, and the cost of having someone delete lines of code to turn off a CEL from a bad EGR is far more than just fixing the problem for real + better for emissions.

Maybe you'll get lucky and someone has done this? Considering the great difficulty we are having with being able to tune our EJ255/7 engines for emissions deletes (read: it is frikking hard/impossible these days) best of luck finding some who will. We'd all like to know which tuners are willing to turn a blind eye to emissions regulations.

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